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In The Know: SoStereo's Weekly Music News Summary November 16, 2018

SoStereo's weekly music news summary with Spotify launching on Apple Watch, Tidal launching on Amazon Echo and more.
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Spotify Launches On Apple Watch:

Spotify has finally launched its long-awaited Apple Watch app. It you were an Apple Watch user, it has been frustrating to not be able to control your music from the watch, while seeing Apple Music users having that capability from the onset. Now Spotify will let you control your music or podcasts through Spotify Connect, toggle on music shuffle, connect to your playlists and more. They hint that this is the “first version” so updates could come.

Vivendi Reportedly Beginning Process To Sell 50% Of UMG & Liberty Media May Be A Buyer:

According to Music Business Worldwide, Vivendi is looking to sell off 50% of Universal Music Group and the process is moving along. In their Q3 results, Vivendi revealed that they have officially started the search for a bank who will guide the sale of a stake in the company. They have narrowed it down to 15 banks, with the goal of five to seven banks. 

A buyer may already be lining up. Liberty Media, which owns 34% of Live Nation and 70% of SiriusXM (and now Pandora) could be in the wings. At the company’s investor meeting, Greg Maffei, the company CEO said he would “absolutely” be interested in UMG if presented with the opportunity.

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Tidal Launches On Amazon Echo:

Tidal is now the first music streaming service to make use of the Amazon Music Skill API that allows them to make use of the built in support for Alexa, rather than rely on Amazon according to The Verge. Other streaming services such as Pandora or Spotify are supported on the Echo, but require Amazon to get involved. There are some hardware limitations for the “Tidal Masters” tracks.

Spotify & SoundGirls Launch Database For Women In Audio & Music Production:

Spotify is partnering with non-profit organization SoundGirls to create a database called EQL Directory that would include women working in audio and music production. Women are invited to submit their details to be included in the directory, so it is voluntary. Now there is no excuse to not be able to hire a women engineer, sound designer or producer because there is a database.

"[We] face the myth that there are not very many women or non-conforming people working in audio, and because of this people don't even bother to look. The EQL Directory proves that this is not true,” says Karrie Keyes, co-founder of SoundGirls and Pearl Jam’s long-time sound engineer in a statement.

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