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Kevin Saunderson Revives E-Dancer With Orchestral Reworks Of 'Heavenly' & 'Heavenly Revisited'

Virus-J assists to help remake songs from 'Heavenly' and 'Heavenly Revisited.'
Kevin Saunderson E-Dance Infused


Kevin Saunderson is back again with his E-Dancer alias to revisit the past in a different way. As E-Dancer, he has released a new record Infused, which features songs from his seminal 1998 album Heavenly and then tracks from 2017’s Heavenly Revisited reborn with the help of sound engineer and producer Virus J.

The songs have a very different feel from the originals. They were gritty, hard and mechanical – giving you the impression of being in an abandoned Detroit car factory with drums echoing around you. Now they have a very different feeling with Virus J involved, using more strings and sweeping melodies that give the tracks more an orchestral sound.

The album won’t be for everyone who have taken Heavenly to heart and even liked Heavenly Revisited. A lot of dance artists are attempting classical crossovers with their music and now Saunderson is doing it under E-Dancer. Stream the full album below or pick up a copy wherever you do that. 

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