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Magnetic Mix 004: Robert Robert

Robert Robert mixes together his own tracks with songs that inspire him.
Robert Robert

Canadian electronic producer Robert Robert makes music that subtly blends together smooth electronica, R&B, pop a touch of disco and live electronic elements. Having released his most complete and even work to date last month, a five track EP How To Save Water, Robert Robert is looking to take that momentum through the New Year. With the EP in mind and a song put out on La Fine Equipe’s new compilation, we had him mix our latest Magnetic Mix.

“In this mix, I wanted to mix my own work with my inspirations,” he says. “I like contextualizing the songs I write with music that inspire me. I feel like it gives a better view of my musical universe.”

It includes songs from himself, some exclusive edits that he normally reserves for his live sets, but includes in this mix and other tracks that inspire him.

1. Robert Robert - The Person Who Knows

2. Lapti - Private Private

3. Ratatat - Mirando (Robert Robert Edit)

4. Weezer - Island Of The Sun (Robert Robert Edit)

5. Kiefer - Butterfly Inside My House

6. Robert Robert - Watergirl

7. Zubtonik - Richboy Edit

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8. Jungle - More And More (Robert Robert Edit)

9. Elder Island - Welcome State (Robert Robert Edit)

10. BEA1991 - Safe Ground

11. Lil' Kim - The Jump Off (Xzavier Stone Rework)

12. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Happy Christmas Mister Lawrence (Robert Robert Remix)

13. Robert Robert - Nobody Breaches Our Stasis

14. Fig Tree Car Race - Come Home

15. Robert Robert - Let Her Go

16. Robert Robert - Name Pressure

17. Oflynn - Glow Worm

18. Mele - Chi Town

19. Robert Robert - Digging For Gold 

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