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Mission Workshop, a bespoke men's wear brand from San Francisco, is gearing up to deliver its Fall/Winter 2018 collection of new technologies and garments, part of their Advanced Projects™, these fall/winter fashion pieces are designed and constructed with zero compromises. 

Mission Workshop is using an advanced material to promote new aesthetics and methods of garment construction, feel, and fit. This isn't just how the garment "fits" on your body, but also how it moves with your body. Highlighted pieces like the Bomber, The Ren Leather Jacket (dropping in early January), The Eiger Field Coat (mid-December), and the Strymon Topcoat (mid-January) are all modern takes of the classic men's heritage jackets that incorporate 37.5® technology.

37.5® technology is made from particles that can absorb infrared light that the human body emits. The particles are biodynamic and work to keep your body at the ideal temperature of 37.5 degrees and the ideal relative humidity next to your skin at 37.5%.

Mission Workshop Fall/Winter

Mission Workshop

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