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Premiere + Interview: ford. Shares Title Track '(The) Evening' From Album On Foreign Family Collective

ford. captures the essence of his sound and the label with his new album out tomorrow.

ford in the wild

Luc Bradford, known by his stage name ford., is about to take a big next step in his career tomorrow. The now US-based producer (living in Provo, Utah) will release his debut album (The) Evening tomorrow on Foreign Family Collective and we have the title track premiered for you today.

“(The) Evening” captures the spirit and sound of the album. It also shows exactly why he has been a recent favorite on the label.

From the opening 30 seconds you can hear the epic opening of an Odesza song, with soft piano and distant echoing vocals, but then it flips into something distinctly ford., with delicately layered drums and a flute that carries the soothing melody through the track.

We got a chance to speak to the Versailles-born ford. and learn a little more about his partnership with FFC, the album and who was most interesting to work with on the record. (The) Evening will be released tomorrow, November 16 via Foreign Family Collective. Stream the title track below and pre-order the LP here.

(THE) EVENING Tracklist:
1. Dusk
2. Warmth (feat. Sophie Meiers)
3. Who’s to Say
4. Slack (feat. Knapsack)
5. Craving (feat. Sarah Kinsley)
6. Sirens
7. (The) Evening (feat. Sonn)
8. Lazy Sad (feat. Sophie Meiers & Hanz)
9. Bedford Falls
10. Craving (Instrumental)

1. How did you and Foreign Family Collective partner to release this album?

Back in high school, I believe Clay from ODESZA came across my music on SoundCloud and followed me. Shortly thereafter, FFC hit my line and wanted to simply open a discussion and talk about my music. After becoming more familiar with how they operated and what their ideas were, I had this strong feeling that I wanted to work with them and I had a lot of respect for their operation and team. So I began working on this project that would eventually morph into what the album is today.

2. What do you want or hope the listener takes away from listening to your album start to finish?

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As cliché as it might sound, I tend to be the type that prefers to let the listener take away what they want from a project. I can convey certain themes and ideas in my music all I want, but I've found that people will often connect my music with certain memories. That, to me, is more valuable than hoping the listener recognizes a theme or story behind a song and only refers to that when listening to it.

3. What is your favorite FFC release of all time?

When I listen to Kasbo's "World Away," it invokes a lot of feelings and past memories. So I'd have to say that that song has a lot of sentimental value to me.

4. With all of the talk of the decline of the albums, do you worry about your album being carved up for playlist consumption or do you think you think it matters with your album?

I don't think that is a worry of mine. Personally, I think that each track stands on its own merits, but when you look at the project as a whole you can see that they clearly work together. Despite the fact that albums may be somewhat declining in their popularity these days, I still see them as an essential way to present a cohesive and complete body of work.

5. Who was the most interesting person to collaborate with on the album? Who really brought something different out of you and your music?

There is no doubt that I learn so much with every collaborator I work with. However, I can say in confidence that working with Knapsack was really interesting for me as it brought out a more electronic and energetic side of me that doesn't show very often. The fusion of our styles put me in a place where I got to work with different elements that I wouldn't normally work with. I think that’s most essential if you want to grow as an artist. Keep putting yourself in situations that force you to work with genres or elements you wouldn't normally work with.

6. What are your favorite activities to do in the evening?

Depending on what’s going on in my life at the time, I'm either at home working on music in my own thoughts, or out and about with friends doing something whack. Whether its hiking or movies or whatever, just enjoying the company of friends is what is up.

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