Premiere + Interview: Giorgia Angiuli On Making Her New Album 'In A Pink Bubble,' First Listen Of "Nothing To Lose"

We chat with the Italian composer and electronic artist about her new album 'In A Pink Bubble' and learning to connect with nature and yourself on a deeper level.
Giorgia Angiuli

Giorgia Angiuli

After Italian singer, producer, live performer and composer Giorgia Angiuli has been steadily bubbling up for several years now with releases on Suara, Click and Kindisch, in addition to festival gigs around the world in France, Switzerland, Spain, Colombia and more. Her music bridges elements from her classical upbringing with danceable electronic music. Well-crafted melodies layered with her voice look to tell personal and profound stories. She is releasing her debut album on November 23 titled In A Pink Bubble and we had the chance to chat with her about the record, some of the themes in it and how it was made.

We are also happy to premiere “Nothing To Lose” from the album today, a song about the power of nature and how we should allow it to lead us, not the other way around. She seemingly whispers from the sky as piano gently floats across dark, while foreboding bass, emotional strings and fx skitter around the mix. The emotions all combine into a beautiful and organized chaos, much like nature's most fearsome formations. A music video for the song is on the way as well.

Listen to the premiere below and also keep on reading to get more insight into this album that may just creep up as one of your favorites for 2018.

Did you go into the album making process thinking you were going to make one or was it something that just started to come together after a while and you realized you could make an album?

Actually, everything happened really fast and without a proper plan. I produced the full album in 8 months, working a lot while traveling -- even on the planes. It was not so easy for me to find time to be concentrated in the studio. I felt a strong need to compose music, to translate in sounds my emotions and I decided to put all these songs in a long play. It has been a very special year for me: My first gigs worldwide, the discovery of many new countries and the loss of the biggest love of my life, my mum. Music saved me from a depressive state of mind. I realized this album as a gift to my mum and I said thanks to the music for making me feel better, giving me the energies to move on. Accompanied by all these contrasting emotions I felt like living in a pink bubble (the title of my album).

How do you work on your album, while also still making other music that forms singles or EPs?

Last year I released only one EP on Stil Vor Talent. I play only live, I am not a DJ, so I spend a lot of time practicing live techniques and composing new music for my live set, so I invested all the remaining time into creating this album.

Did you use different production techniques or recording processes to make this album versus other projects?

I didn’t use any special techniques, but I followed the language of my heart. I was just playing closing my eyes, opening a window to my memories. I was more focused on the images than the techniques. I composed almost all the tracks on the plane collecting my ideas on Ableton, then I recorded everything in my studio during the time left between my tours. I recorded my guitar, my voice and my favorite synths (Sub37 Moog, Juno 106, Ob6, Ms2000)

How did you push yourself creatively on this album to explore new places sonically?

I visited many new countries last year Australia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, USA and many more. Each country I visited had its own sound. Creatively, this became one singular soundscape.

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When you write songs, do you write them based around your lyrics or more of a melodic structure?

I don’t have a specific method. My approach is always different… Sometimes I start from lyrics, sometimes from a baseline or some melodic elements.

The new album has a nice blend of upbeat clubbier tracks, darker more melodic ones and then soothing blends of post-rock and electronica (tycho-esque). How did you create that mix?

I tried to put together all my musical experiences. In the last year I was performing live with a melodic techno sound, but over the years I have been playing many different kinds of music. I studied classical guitar at the conservatory, than I played crossover and new metal in a band for four years, then trip hop and indie-electronic. I love many styles of music, but of course I like all the music that grows around melodies; I could never imagine myself playing music without melodies. I am a big fan of minimalism and holy music to, so this mix represents myself, my past, my present and my future.

It sounds like there are a few other individuals who are on the album like on “Inspiration.” Who else did you work with on this record?

I composed everything alone but I invited my super brother, Francesco Angiuli, to play the double bass on this track. He is a teacher at the conservatory of Padova and he is also touring a lot around the world with many famous artists.

A big theme for this album is connection between humans and nature and how electronics can stand in the way. How have you tried to become more connected with others / nature despite being in a business where you work with electronic instruments all the time?

This is a big challenge in my life, I am surrounded by electronic equipment. I also spend a lot of time on the phone and computer, sometimes this makes me feel sad and a bit uncomfortable. Let’s say we are not the luckiest generation because virtual life is becoming bulkier. There is less time for love, more narcissism and a lot of hard feelings in the air. In the last 2 years I spent a lot of time reading books of oriental philosophers and it helped me a lot to find a new balance in my life. I believe in patience, I believe in love and pure feelings. I believe in music. About my relationship with electronic music, I am trying to use Ableton as my only software and I still compose music with only hardware synths. I want to keep the human touch in my music, touching the knobs and the keys.

Where the idea for “Nothing To Lose” come from?

In this song I say “I still wonder why we are running with the backs to the sky, we have nothing to lose, the wind is ready to embrace you.” Sometimes we are scared by love and we are scared by the incredible power of nature; nature and love should go in the same direction, so let’s let the wind transport us deeply. I am also working on a very special video clip for this song, a romantic video in graphic animation where I will appear as a cartoon. I can't wait to see the final result.

Will you adapt your live show to the new album or will it remain largely the same?

I will start to perform with pink equipment for my solo live gigs (pink gears customized). Today I have just received a pink Bluetooth midi glove, produced by Specktr. I am also working on putting together a completely new live show, with my brother as guest playing the double bass, more electronic and less dance oriented. Another exciting project for 2019!

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