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Premiere: James Lavelle Unveils Brooding Track From FX's 'Trust' Soundtrack

The full soundtrack will be released this Friday, November 9.
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FX’s series Trust takes you into the world of the Getty’s one of the America’s wealthiest and most unhappy families. The series starts with when John Paul Getty III, the heir to the family wealth, gets kidnapped in Italy. The series wrapped up earlier this year, but the soundtrack is set for release this Friday through Lakeshore Records. Iconic producer and composer James Lavelle made the score and we have the premiere on one of the selections for you today titled “The Rig.”

“The Rig” is a dark and brooding bit of synth work with chugging synths that slowly rise and fall along a steady kick and builds with gravelly white noise in the background. Echoing piano provides a moody element to the track that isn’t going too much, but still captivates the listener with each keystroke.

The song comes from in a critical scene during the show about the financial success and dynamic of the family.

“’The Rig’ is part of a crucial scene in Trust as it’s the first time the financial dynamic of the Gettys is explained as well as a visual look at the oil being manufactured, the life blood of John Paul senior, so it was important to have a piece of music that was upbeat and driving. Also due to the picture edit, when Danny and I sat down to discuss the musical direction of the series, we decided that we didn’t want to make the music completely literal to the 1973 setting, but rather be inspired by and have a contemporary approach to the score," explains Lavelle. "So ‘The Rig’ was inspired by that period and the beginnings of electronic sounds being used in that musical era and referencing the beginnings of the Italo Disco and Moroder sounds that became so popular. Therefore it ended up being a driving modular synth piece and one of my favorites from the score.”

The soundtrack will be released in full this Friday, November 9. See the full tracklist below.

01. Trooper (feat. ESKA) - UNKLE

02. Theme from Trust (Shadow Beat) [Orchestral Variation]

03. Low

04. Knockout - UNKLE

05. Old Paul

06. Prelude

07. Seventy Three

08. Young Paul

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09. The Rig

10. Space - UNKLE

11. Low Variation

12. Opening

13. Close To Midnight

14. End of Innocence

15. Chase Theme (ESKA Variation)

16. Primo Burns (feat. ESKA)

17. Gail’s Theme

18. Chase Variation

19. Midnight Cowboy

20. Calabria Theme

21. Paul Fishes

22. Trust No-One

23. Theme from Trust (Shadow Beat) [Original Version]

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