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Premiere: Little People Delivers Glorious String-Led Disco Bass On 'Skies Turn Blue'

The single is taken from Little People's upcoming album Landloper, which will be released in January 2019.
Little People

Little People

Swiss DJ electronic music producer Little People, real name Laurent Clerc, is ready to release some new music again. After his 2015 album, Spotlight, he put out a few bits of music here and there with a remix, an EP Csay Csay and a loose single for Future Archive Recording’s compilation. Now he has a new album lined up titled Landloper, which will be released on January 11, 2019. We have the latest single from it titled "Skies Turn Blue," featuring vocals from Tif Lamson of GIVERS.

The song title is apt for the song itself, which gives you the feeling of clouds opening up to a bright blue sky on a beautiful day ahead. The track is lead by sweeping strings and Lamson’s soaring vocal, which gives it a bit of a disco feel, but then his own intricate bass work and haunting synths contrast the obvious disco topline.

Little People notes the contrasting parts between disco and bass in a statement.

“The first part I wrote for this track were the strings. (All the strings on my album were written very early on in the album process - before any lyrics were even thought about.) I wasn’t convinced this track would end up on the album as I felt it was straying dangerously into disco territory,” he explains to Magnetic. “Even now on paper this track is a weird mish mash of influences and could easily not work. From the aforementioned disco-like strings, UK bass music-influenced syncopated drum pattern made entirely of found sounds, a John Carpenter-esque synth line and those repetitive IDM glitchy bell sounds.”

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Originally the track was instrumental, but Clerc felt like it should have a vocal and after getting in touch with Lamson, he was blown away with a demo and needed to have her on the song.

“This track was an instrumental for a long time, but just over a year ago, I was in talks with Glassnote Records about potentially releasing music through them when they put me in touch with Tif Lamson - of the band GIVERS - to work on a track together. I sent over some audio files and it all came together fairly quickly. Tif sent an initial demo back within a couple of weeks and which kind of blew me away,” Clerc says. 

“I love the tone of her voice and her harmonies are reminiscent of Bon Iver (I think so anyway). We were all set to finish the track quickly but she got a last minute call to play keyboards for LCD Soundsystem on part of their tour in Asia. Her vocals were eventually recorded in New Orleans where she is based with her band.”

“Skies Turns Blue” will be released this Friday, November 30 and will be a part of Little People’s upcoming album Landloper. The LP will be released on January 11, 2019 via Future Archive Recordings.

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