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Premiere: Nick Brewer Shares "Ronaldo" From 'Sidelines' EP

Nick Brewer wants to know where Ronaldo is now.

Before Portuguese Ronaldo became a world superstar, taking absurd free kicks, showing off his ridiculously good looks (he doesn’t let you not see it) and firing in goal after goal at the top level, there was a bigger, more powerful Ronaldo that was the name on everyone’s tongue. Brazilian Ronaldo was a force that could barrel through defenders with remarkable grace, skill and a very interesting haircut. His two world cups as the primary goal scorer tell that story. UK rapper Nick Brewer, who first made waves back in 2015 with his single “Talk To Me ”via Island is looking to spark a comeback in 2018 as an independent artist with a new EP Sidelines out on November 30.

We are happy to premiere the next cut from that EP, “Ronaldo,” an ode to the Brazilian Ronaldo and all that he was and still is. The song is grounded by a chill beat with crisp percussion and organs floating on top as Brewer’s rhythms effortlessly glide over. While Ronaldo was about as accomplished a superstar as they come, he still had his ups and downs, notably in 1998 World Cup Final and some other major injury issues. Brewer compares that to his life with the ups and downs he has faced with some match fit, dazzling flow.

"Brazil’s Ronaldo is a legend," says Brewer. "Watching him rip up numerous world cups while I was growing up is something I will never forget, and this song is a way of paying homage to him, while also making a statement about myself and how I aspire to have a similar impact in the music world."

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“Ronaldo” will be released tomorrow, November 23 from his Sidelines EP coming on November 30. 

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