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Premiere: UK Duo Posthuman Flip Jozef K's 'Variations On A Theme' Into A Emotional Late Night Dancefloor Filler

Posthuman transform the original into an emotional thumping house tune ready for the late night dance floor.

British duo Posthuman have spent their career tossing aside any notion that they should drive in any one lane. Known for their experimental nature, Richard Bevan and Joshua Doherty have at times delved into heavy metal-tinged electronic and hip-hop-inspired dance. Their latest track, out today on Music For Freaks, is a perfect example of depth of their style.

Posthuman's remix of "Variations On A Theme," takes the chugging house number by Jozef K, and expands on it by adding layers upon layers of groove and additional instrumentation. Anchored by an intricate shoulder-shaking drum line, the song slowly builds subtle layers of lilting strings and a rehash of the original piano riff that climax in a wash of true progressive bliss. The emotional reverence that Posthuman have brought out of the original work transform it into something that can translate equally on the late night dance floor and the outdoor main stage arena.

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