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Nearly three years ago, I had the honor of being the first person to review Phonon's portable 4000 headphones. It also just so happened to be my first review for Magnetic, so it's safe to say I hold these headphones close to my heart. Fast forward to today, and I now have the pleasure of reviewing the next generation, the 4400. When I first got my hands on the original 4000s, it became explicitly clear that these were something I had never experienced before, as did the rest of Magnetic. I made the claim that, at the time, these are the best headphones you'd never heard of. I stand by that claim, although I should hope that, by now, you've heard them, or at least of them...

Back in black, the Phonon 4400

Back in black, the Phonon 4400

Now, before I continue with this review, I must make it known that there was one issue with my original pair of 4000s. At the beginning of this year, in the middle of a set, one of the hinges broke. I was devastated. Fortunately, I was able to jerry-rig them together. While this sounds awful, the incredible people at Phonon helped sort me out. So, when I first heard that there was a new version coming out, paired with the fact that my old ones were done for, I could hardly contain my excitement. 

So then, what is the difference between the 4000s and 4400s? Well, I can thankfully say not much. Like, at first glance, you may not notice any difference. But if you look closely, you'll notice that the cable is longer than the first iteration. Not too much longer, but enough for you not to get caught up if you're plugged into a mixer. The second change is one you won't notice visually. As I said earlier, the hinge on my 4000s broke. Phonon took note of that and reinforced the hinges to prevent that from happening in the future. In terms of how they sound, well, like I said three years ago, these are the best headphones you've yet to hear. To read my original review, click here. 

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The Phonon 4400s are available now, just in time for the holidays. As a bonus, use the code Magnetic2018 to receive a special discount.


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