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RevoNext QT3 Earbuds Review

The next generation of RevoNext buds delivers clear sounds and deep bass but might not be right for every listener

The QT3 follows up RevoNext's QT2 with two dynamic drivers and two balanced armatures to up their game in this next generation in-ear headphone. This Swedish brand is pushing the boundaries further on what people can expect with a lower priced bud. 

Out of the box.

The packaging is minimal and well designed, it conveys quality without going overboard. Inside the box, you find the buds, three sets of tips and your cable with a velcro strap. 


Aesthetics + Wearability.

The first thing you will notice about the buds themselves is that they are kind of large with a unique housing that looks almost like a part for a spaceship, not a headphone. From what I've seen of the QT2 it seems virtually identical aside from the vents they've added. 

The buds themselves are nicely constructed and machined well, it's hard to believe they are delivering this quality of materials and build for the price - so big props to RN on that. 

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Comfort wise the QT3 is decent considering the size and odd shape of the housing, but after a couple of hours, they start to irritate your ears a bit. If you have ears that are on the smaller side, you might have some comfort issues with these buds.  

The detachable cable seems to be the same as the QT2, but we love the fact that you can detach them for easy replacement. The cable is where they skimped a little bit, it's a bit flimsy overall so just handle it with care for prolonged use. 

How Do They Sound?

Let's first start off with the sound isolation. If you are wearing buds, you typically are hoping for some decent isolation to shut out the outside world a bit. The QT3 is not going to shut the world out by any stretch and does let in outside noise at lower volume levels. So this is a great bud for people that want to listen to their music but still have some kind of external noise from their environment for safety. One thing to be mindful of is your volume if you want to completely block out the outside world, or as much as possible, you might have to turn these up too loud - and I would look elsewhere for a more isolating bud.

The first thing you will notice is the bright and super clear sound that comes from these buds, especially in quiet environments. The separation of instruments is superb for the price point. Listening to electronic music on these buds was a great experience, any type of music with a lot going on performs well - indie rock, hip hop, etc..

The bass is also impressive for this price point, and anyone who favors a punch powerful bottom end will be delighted with these. For the most part, I never found the bass to be overly annoying or dominating, it plays well with the mids and highs for the most part - but on some songs, the mids do get lost a little bit, especially with dance music and hip-hop.  

The treble or highs might be a bit much for sensitive ears, while they are clear they might be a bit too piercing. This is probably the biggest weak spot for the buds sound wise. 

Summary: These are decent for the price, and if you like your music bass massive and detailed you will probably like them. If you tweak them with your eq, the annoying highs can be tamed, and overall they sound quite good for buds that are under $100. Sound isolation is where some listeners also might struggle with the QT3, it's just not that great, and comfort can be an issue for those with smaller ears.  

MSRP $84 | RevoNext Site 

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