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San Francisco Venue Mezzanine Closing In 2019 To Create Office Space

The property owners want to jack up the rent 600% and turn the building into office space. This was the largest independent, female owned venue in San Francisco
San Francisco

San Francisco

Anger, sadness, despair, whatever emotion you want to feel, Mezzanine in San Francisco is going to close. Even if you have never been to the music venue, it was one of the finest in the city and as the largest independent, female-owned music venues in SF, it was unique in many different ways. In a statement online, the venue announced that Colton Commercial & Partners Inc (REMEMBER THE NAME) are looking to up their rent 600%, effectively kicking them out to turn the building into commercial space.

Mezzanine, as a result, will close in October 2019 after 15 years of service to the city.

The venue will still host its New Year’s Eve party this year with The Knocks, Hotel Garuda and Sweater Beats. It has been a place for electronic music primarily, but Mezzanine has been a club open for all genres and all types of people.

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On the schedule include performances from David August, Kasbo, Ilan Bluestone and Wajatta. A few more Dirtybird Quarterly parties are still in the cards.

“We have 10 months, and I’m going to make sure we have the most fun that we can. We’re going to go after some artists that have outgrown Mezzanine — but hopefully have some attachment to us — that will come and play and help us celebrate what we’re now gong to call our ‘Bittersweet 16’ in April and have a whole month celebration for that,” Marketing manger Chris Sanders tells SF Weekly. “I just got off the phone with Christian Martin from Dirtybird, and they’re devastated and they’re going to make sure we have a bunch of great events with them before we close.”

If you main emotion is anger, direct it at the people who are closing the venue and hate music and culture, Colton Commercial Partners Inc. Go to their website, their Facebook and Twitter, let them know how you feel. Make sure you support independent music venues around the US since they are all being bought by Live Nation or AEG. Let’s see if the anger is actually sustained and there is real pressure to keep the venue open. It is easy to say that another venue will pop up somewhere but with gentrification taking over the neighborhood, that may not be the case. Will the landlords do the right thing or will they be greedy asshats? 

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