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SHXCXCHCXSH Releases Fourth LP 'OUFOUFOF' On Rösten

This album is mind bending
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Avant-garde techno producers SHXCXCHCXSH has released their 4th album, titled 'OUFOUFOF', on their own Rösten label. Who are these mysterious Swedes exactly? Having concentrated in recent years on music for more experimental scenes, SHXCXCHCXSH wanted to create music for the club, but not with the usual 4/4 approach. “…the main focus being our relationship with the dancers' minds and how we do our best to fuck with them”.


This album does just that. Aggressively leftfield, but with a coating of heavy warehouse techno. Each track has you almost confused with what you're hearing, but it retains a familiarity that keeps you hooked. I strongly suggest you take a listen below and hear for yourself. OUFOUFOF is out now on vinyl with a digital release coming next week. 

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