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Jacques Greene Releases New EP 'Fever Focus' Via LuckyMe

Jacques Greene follows up his 2017 LP 'Feel Infinite' with this new six-track EP
Jacques Greene Fever Focus

Jacques Greene Fever Focus

Jacques Greene has released his new EP Fever Focus, out this past Friday via LuckyMe. Since his debut album last year Feel Infinite, there has been a lot of hype around each subsequent Greene production after he showed the ability to put out a complete record. Fever Focus may only be six songs, but that trend continues.

The record finds an interesting middle ground between techno and house with strong melodies weaving the tracks together. They aren’t as club focused as some of his past releases, which may have just been a necessary byproduct of needing to make music for his club sets. They are still quite danceable, but it isn’t just a kick-drum trying to pummel you into submission for seven minutes.

That is felt from the jump on “Convex Mirror” with its warped synth melody creating this warbled alien feeling that embeds itself into the record. It then flips to “Nordschliefe” with breakbeat rhythms and scattered percussion that drives further towards the dancefloor. We find more of this on “Fever Focus,” which uses a touch of acid house to add some bite to its bassline.

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It all comes together on the soothing and upbeat “Avatar Beach” with atmospheric synths and fast moving percussion. The EP flows together with ease and shows the complexity in his music. Pick up a copy here.

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