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If you take photos on your iPhone or Android phone chances are you often get frustrated by the lack of functionality. The PhotoGrip from Adonit looks to solve some of the basic problems for mobile phone photographers. Coming in at an MSRP of $39.99 it's priced just right for enthusiasts that want to up their game and not blow a ton of cash.

In the box you get a comfortable molded grip for one handed shooting that will work with most mobile phones, a detachable remote (Bluetooth), a stylus to help edit your photos, a small tripod and carrying pouch.

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The Grip: This uses an adjustable clamp that can take phones that range in size from 62.5 to 85mm and no thicker than 10mm. The clamp will also function with your phone in a case, which is great for protection and ease of use. Taking your phone out of the case can be a huge frustration and slow down your workflow, so we love this functionality. 

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The grip also allows you to stand your phone up vertically to function as a stand that allows you to facetime or use it kind of like a tripod. This only works vertically so it's got its limitations but it's a nice feature to have.

The Remote + Mini Tripod: The trigger button also slides out to function as a remote control that works over Bluetooth. This allows you to set the phone on the mini tripod (or regular tripod if you have one) and either use it for group shots or low light situations where you don't want any camera movement. This is a game changer for low light photography and when you want to be in the shot as well. The range for the remote is up to 10m, but we found it to be a little less during our testing.

The Stylus: This slides out from the case/grip and allows you to use it for editing in photo apps, it's handy for some things that your finger might not be so great at, and also gives you more control. 

Summary: If you are taking a lot of photos on your phone for IG, your blog or even just personal photos, this gadget is hard to beat. It's compatible with most of the poplular phones, we used it with our iPhone X and the internal battery is good for about 20 hours of use, which will get most people through a vacation or a couple shoots, quite easily. 

Compatible with iOS 5.) and Android 4.3 operating systems. More at Adonit's site HERE

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