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The KLF Building Pyramid Of 34,592 Bricks Made From Ashes Of Dead People

Buy now, die later. Welcome to the people's pyramid.
The KLF Human Ashes Pryamid

This is one of the strangest projects I have ever seen. Ambient icons The KLF are in search of dead people for their next ambitious project. Yes, they want some dead people. They want to build a pyramid of bricks out of the ashes of 34,592 dead folks. Now people die all the time, like every second, so it must be easy to get your hands on some ashes, but they have to be willing to be a part of this pyramid.

In order to get involved, you have to pay £99, though there are some ways you may pay less if you are from Toxteth (near Liverpool) in England and are either over 80 or under 23.

During the MuMufication, as it is called, 23 grams of someone’s ashes are fired into a brick, which become one of the 34,592 bricks of the People’s Pyramid. The foundation brick is made of sandstone. It will be laid on Toxteth Day Of The Dead, which takes place on Friday, November 23. There will be a ceremony that day starting at noon, going until 9pm where KLF’s Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond will be present and they expect shopping carts as tributes. At least there will be free tea and mince pies.

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If you are jumping at the opportunity, head to their website to find out more on how you can sign up. 

As they say "buy now, die later." We will see how long this actually takes to get done.

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