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UK Trip-Hop Pioneers Smith & Mighty To Release 'Ashley Road Sessions (1988-1994)'

The group helped influence a whole sound of bass music in the UK.
Smith & Mighty

album art

Bristol bass music pioneers Smith & Mighty have announced a new album Ashley Road Sessions with tracks made from 1988-1994. It is being released as a one-off double label partnership between Pinch’s Tectonic and Peverelist’s Punch Drunk.

The album takes listeners back to when the duo were at their most influential, putting out top 10 hits and big albums that helped pave the way for other UK pioneers in jungle, dubstep and garage.

Fans can pre-order the LP here as a vinyl, digital or CD. It will be released on November 9.

1. ‘Always Be There (Step Up)’‘

2. Stalagnate’

3. ‘Tumblin’ (Death March)’

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4. ‘Latent Energy’

5. ‘Morning Light’

6. ‘Filmscore’

7. ‘Higher Than Tempo’

8. ‘Dub Song’

9. ‘Fruits’

10. ‘Through A Dark Cloud'

11. ‘Leaving Pt 1 & 2’ (CD bonus track only)

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