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He's Back: Gesaffelstein Pulls No Punches On Heavy New Song 'Reset'

He goes after the SoundCloud rappers of the world in a new video.

He is back. Gesaffelstein has returned with a new song titled “Reset” that pulls no punches in how it sounds and with his video that may get more of a reaction than the actual track.

The song is dark, heavy and booming with haunting breaks and powerful techno and hip-hop drums, punching through ominous synths.

The video pulls no punches on the current state of rap, going after SoundCloud rappers, notably the likes of child sex filming enthusiast Tekashi 6ix9ine, Lil Pump and their ilk. The clips repeat themselves, lending to the repetitive nature of their songs. All of the clichés of fat asses, large groups of dudes waving their arms and cars are there.

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The Dark Prince is back. Hopefully he starts to tour again and his cigarette smoke starts to fill venues across the world. Stay tuned for any announcements for more music or an album.

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