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Watch New Documentary On History Of US Rave Flyers

See how early rave flyers evolved in the United States.
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An event flyer can make or break how people perceive a show. It not only tells you who is playing, where the event is (or tells you how to find out where the event is) and who is putting on the event, it also tries to capture the mood of the show. Flyers in the digital age may not have the same impact as they used to, but when you had to hand them out on the street and hang them up on walls as the main way to advertise, a lot more thought went into them. A new documentary looks into the history of rave flyers in the United States.

It looks into how the flyers were made and the care that was taken into each one. It also serves as a slice of early rave history from the early 90s, on in New York, LA and elsewhere. You will see some vital names for the early rave scene and some DJs who have still endured to this day like Richie Hawtin. Watch the video above via Highsnobiety.

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