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In a month where we celebrate being thankful, I couldn't be more thankful for the 15 tracks I am about to present to you! No dietary restrictions here and no controversy...oh, wait, maybe a little "Controversy". Let's dig in!

1. Cody Currie - Alpha Bravo

Fasten your seatbelts, but get down in any position you want! We are blasting off on a disco synth journey, courtesy of Cody Currie. New to House of Disco records, Cody is bringing the heat with nods to the past, but dressing it in a fancy new spacesuit. 

2. Alkalino - Let's Do It Again

A slower, funky groove, Alkalino keeps the beat moving with sweet horns, a jamming bass line and those vocals asking to "Let's Do It Again." OK, I think I will!

3. Jungle Fire - Firewalker (JKriv Remix)

Afro-funk at it's finest, JKriv takes "Firewalker" on a spin around the dancefloor, letting it shine in all of its sparkly goodness! Early 70's conga drums, twangy guitars and cinematic brass will keep the party going all night long.

4. Chevals - Everybody Dance

I think the instructions are pretty clear on this track..."Everybody Dance"! No problem at all! At 1:03 the bass line kicks in and I dare you to sit still! The track fully comes to life at 2:05, when the bass & horns have a funky, disco baby. Boogie on babies! Yow.

5. Barry & Gibbs - Let Her Dance

Shimmery, disco perfection is what Barry & Gibbs consistently turn out and this gem is no different! The only problem, it's not long enough! I guess if the jam is this good, I can spread it over just about anything!

6. C. Da Afro - Disco Winds 

With some serious spirit of Donna Summer welling up inside this tune, the "Disco Wind" can take me away to the land where disco lives. I know I will be very happy there. C. Da Afro has this wind in his blood and each new song feeds my need to boogie!

7. Hotmood - Tell Her 

Bass jams & hand claps, oh my! Hotmood has never met a funk groove it didn't like and I love them for it! "Everything You Need Is Here" is an absolute fact. Guillermo Gonzalez, you get me and my disco brethren. Your disco needs you and we thank you!

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8. Little Dragon - Timothy

Little Dragon meets disco/funk? What a fantastic gift and something I am eternally grateful for! "Timothy, play your song...oooh, 'til the break of dawn," that is straight funky. I am loving this new EP and the new sounds Little Dragon are playing with.

9. Mofak - Body Move 

Lip bitingly funky, "Body Move" isn't a suggestion, it's a command! This jam has a Chromeo feel, which is always a good thing. "My lady, my lady, shake your body baby" is exactly what I am doing. 

10. Prince - Controversy (Mighty Mouse's Revised Edit)

Fact: You are a great producer if you can bring anything new to the genius that is Prince and Mighty Mouse has taken an absolute funk classic and given it a slick new intro and followed it with a perfect edit of 'Controversy." I for one, am very thankful for this!

11. Hugo Mari - Get Loose feat. Zodiac

I am going to sink my teeth into this groove, because it's very tasty! Hugo Mari, formerly known as Books, didn't even have to tell me to shake a leg, because my legs are attached to my body and this jazzy breath of fresh air has everything shaking! "Get Loose," indeed!

12. Disciples - On My Mind (Get To Know Futureboogie Remix)

Get To Know has made "On My Mind" so funky that I can't this sexy heater off my mind! With his new recorded additions, this track takes on a much funkier second life. 

13. The Possé - S.A.M.

 This track was made for lovers. It is smooth & soulful but keeps the beat moving just enough to keep you swaying on the dancefloor. Get ready to settle down with a brandy after this one though.

14. Schiro Schwarz - Together (Touchsoul Remix)

Light a fire and cozy up, as Shiro Schwarz invite us to spend the night together with them. Touchsoul adds a slower, steamy touch to the original. Mmm, mmm, good.

15. Satin Jackets feat. Niya Wells - Lost In Japan

If you told me I would love a cover of a Shawn Mendes song, I am sure I would not have believed you, but Tim Bernhardt & Niya Wells have the sweet, sexy magic that made the original a hit and added smoke to that fire. This may be the perfect song to burn those calories off to.

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