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The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of November 2018

New music from Camo & Krooked, Benny L, Shy FX, and more
Shy FX feat. Stamina MC and Lilly Allen Roll the Dice MV

As the year starts to come to an end, we've got just one more monthly chart before our end of year selection. November has been a huge month for drum & bass with some mighty collaborations, long-awaited albums (looking at you, Break and Culprate), groundbreaking remixes, and a whole lot more. Check out this month's selections below and let us know if there are any you think we missed!

1. Mefjus – “Pivot” (Camo & Krooked Remix) (Vision)

This one is super funky! Both artists are known for exceptional and creative sound design, so this remix just feels like a match made in heaven. The tune is really minimal, so each sound gets its own moment in the spotlight, but there’s a really fun groove maintained throughout. Truly exceptional and did we mention funky?

2. Delta Heavy featuring Everyone You Know – “Anarchy” (RAM Records)

As the name might suggest, this one is full of punk rock n’ roll vibes and we are living for it! Adrenaline-fueled vocals pair with raw, electric guitar leads, reminiscent of if Pendulum and Rage Against the Machine had a baby. Utilizing the energy of the drum & bass beat with a creative spin, “Anarchy” is a rebellious take on the genre we want to hear more of.

3. Break featuring Celestine – “Last Goodbye” (Symmetry Recordings)

Even though we featured new Break in last month’s chart, every single song on the new album from Break is worth a mention – easily one of the greatest releases of the year, it was next to impossible just to choose one track to mention. “Last Goodbye,” the first track on the album, stands out for its sultry vocals and organic jazz influence – another testament to the immense diversity covered under the term “drum & bass.” This track is stunning, and the perfect introduction to a seriously breathtaking body of work.

4. Enei feat. Charli Brix – “Faded” (Critical)

Enei and Charli Brix are certainly no strangers to working together. With a slew of enchanting releases such as “Just One Look” and “Save Me,” Charli’s velvet vocals are the perfect accompaniment to Enei’s rich, indulgent productions, and this latest collaboration is certainly no exception. The combination of such luxurious vocals, poignant lyrics, decadent sound design, and striking arrangement makes for one seriously dazzling end result.

5. Dawn Wall – “Blinded” (Integral) 

Another flawless release from the illusive Dawn Wall, “Blinded” is vibes on vibes on vibes. Part of their highly anticipated Devil’s Night EP, the track is an immersive journey of glimmering melodies and radiant atmospherics that is nothing short of stunning. There’s just a hint of quirkiness in there as well from the various sounds used throughout that make it even easier to get lost in the world of Dawn Wall.

6. InsideInfo & Hybrid Minds feat. Laville – “Split In 2” (Drum&BassArena)

Representing arguably the two poles of drum & bass, the master of neurofunk InsideInfo has teamed up with the masters of liquid for one of the most highly anticipated collaborations of the year. Both artist’s signature sounds are flawlessly fused together amidst the deep, bellowing vocals of Laville for a uniquely hypnotizing result.

7. Deuce & Charger – “Natural High” (Subsphere Records) 

The husband & wife duo from London have been turning heads in drum & bass for quite some time now, and their latest release on Subsphere Records is a shining example as to why. With gorgeous vocals and vibrant production, the track is full of energy from start to finish, and a certain spark that makes it truly memorable.

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8. Shimon & Benny L – “Yeti” (Bassrush Records) 

The madmen that are Shimon and Benny L are collaborating once more for yet another absolute bomb, this time with “Yeti” on American imprint Bassrush. Sure to be another DJ weapon heard in clubs the world over, the intro’s foreboding vocal samples lend the track it’s name and set the scene for the carnage to come. Utter filth!

9. Teddy Killerz and Funtcase – “Boom!” (Get Hype Records) 

Teddy Killerz consistently are at the forefront of high-octane drum & bass and dubstep, so seeing them team up with the legend that is Funtcase got us more than a little excited. Utilizing a lot of sounds typically associated with dubstep but at breakneck speeds, this is one is full of energy right from the start. Original and impeccably done, this collaboration is one for the books!

10. Rido – “Alien” (Blackout) 

Murky, dark, ominous, elegant, and intelligent, the new tune from Rido is something else. Sinister yet simultaneously also groovy and sophisticated, the track puts the funk in neurofunk with an eclectic arrangement showcasing Rido’s immaculate sound design and creativity. There’s a certain cinematic flair as well, coming from the suspenseful intro and build-up and the haunting elements used throughout that tie it all together into one beautiful piece of work.

11. Emperor – “Warpath” (Critical) 

Harnessing the energy of jump-up into neurofunk, the new track by Emperor is truly exceptional. The crisp, clean sound design he is known for is ramped up a notch with a catchy, adrenaline-fueled drop that will surely destroy dancefloors left and right in the coming months. Playful and catchy, Emperor flawlessly succeeds at injecting the genre with a new energy levels for an outstanding result.

12. Culprate – “Subsonics” (Inspected)

The return of Culprate has been long-awaited amongst fans of bass music, and his new album Others certainly hasn’t disappointed. An eclectic collection covering the vast spectrum of bass music, “Subsonics” stands out for its incredibly intricate sound design and immersive landscape. A technical masterpiece, each sound is so crisp and clear cut, playing a well-thought out part in the construction of the track as a whole. Seriously worth the wait!

13. MC Bassman – “Heavy & Dark” (Bou and Simula Mix) (Souped Up Records)

Another absolute stinker to drop this month, this face-melting remix from Bou and Simula is exactly what the title implies – heavy and dark. Relatively simple, the track’s minimal arrangement makes room for the sounds of Bou and Simula’s bass to steal the spotlight, and rightly so. Guaranteed this one will be bringing out the gnarliest of bass faces ‘round the globe.

14. Shy FX feat. Stamina MC and Lily Allen – “Roll the Dice” (cult.ure) 

An old school jungle tune for a new generation, this is a massive tune, both for Shy FX and the genre as a whole. Not only a breakthrough collaboration, but paying homage to the genre’s roots while simultaneously reaching new audiences – everything about the track is nothing short of wicked. The western-vibes in the intro create apt suspense, the raw strings and horns creating a real ambience before those familiar jungle drums kick in. Add the captivating vocal talent of Stamina MC and the stunning Lily Allen, and the result is groundbreaking!

15. Aperio – “Seattle Sunrise” (Galacy) 

A stunning release from Aperio, “Seattle Sunrise” is the kind of track that is full of character and warmth, providing comfort and a sense of relaxation that is hard to reproduce. Reminding us of peaceful mornings and long train rides, there is no denying that this release is incredibly soothing, and a perfect ending to this month’s selections.

That's it for November, but be sure to check out last month's chart for more of our favorite drum & bass tunes, and keep an eye out for our best of 2018 chart coming soon. 

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