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Adult Swim Releases Compilation of Synthwave Goodness 'Fever Dreams'

Com Truise, Alice Glass and S U R V I V E all feature.
Adult Swim Fever Dreams

Adult Swim has released a synthwave compilation titled Fever Dreams. The 15-track compilation features tracks from names who might be familiar to most of you like Com Truise, Alice Glass and S U R V I V E, of Stranger Things fame.

There are dark and heavy tracks like Power Glove “Haunted” and the Run, Sally, Run! Remix of Carpenter Brut “Hush, Sally, Hush!” These contrast Jasper Byrne’s soft and more subtle “Night” and the soaring finale from GUNSHIP. The compilation runs the gamut of different tracks that will take you back to the 80s for vintage video games, big hair and neon workout clothes. The snares are fat and the synths are full-bodied, capturing a sound that has really started to resurface in the past few years.

Dana Swanson, a senior writer/producer and voice actor for Adult Swim curated Fever Dreams.

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"I'm a giant fan of Synthwave and was inspired to create something that sounded incredible while driving at night," states Swanson in a statement. "I'm also beyond fascinated with the dichotomy of the dreams that you have when you're sick and half-awake: anything is possible, but someone else is behind the wheel."

Stream the full thing on the Adult Swim website or below.


1. Lazerhawk - Executeables (feat. Joey Division)
2. Dance With The Dead - TENSION
3. Com Truise - Simulation Cluster
4. Alice Glass - I Trusted You
5. Drumcell - Vapor Sleep (Hypoxia Mix)
6. GosT - The Call Of The Faithful
7. Jasper Byrne - Night
8. Carpenter Brut - Hush, Sally, Hush! (Run, Sally, Run! Remix)
9. Lovelock - The World is Upside Down
10. Power Glove - Haunted
11. NINA - The Calm Before The Storm
12. Maria Davidson - Chasing the Light
13. S U R V I V E - Full Raggo
14. Majeure - Stratos
15. GUNSHIP - The Video Game Champion

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