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Autechre Release Sprawling, Menacing "sinistrail sentinel" For Adult Swim Singles Program

12 minutes of dark, hellish music from Autechre.
Autechre sinistrail sentinel

Autechre sinistrail sentinel

Welcome to hell, well maybe not hell, but a hellish soundscape, produced by Autechre. The revered British duo has released a new song for Adult Swim’s singles program called “sinistrail sentinel” and the title captures the mood entirely.

The nearly 12-minute song is dark and menacing, with percussion echoing around the listener, dark, intermittent bass stabs, piercing high-pitched effects and haunting low sounds that come and go like you are walking through a hellish haunted house and they jump out at you indiscriminately with menace.

Just last month, a monster playlist of over 13 hours of videos was found on their YouTube page, which has kept their content hungry fans satiated, one would assume. Now they have a new song to help close out the year.

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