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Who doesn't want to disappear in the flashing lights of a disco ball? In a world gone mad, we can all use a LOT more groove in our lives! The magic of Disco & Funk is that it doesn't take itself too seriously, it only asks you to dance! 2018 was splendid in its Disco & Funk offerings and Indie Discotheque is thrilled to present you with our best!

1. Javi Frias - Feel Your Soul

"Lawd have mercy" indeed! Starting 2018 off right, "Feel Your Soul" is pure disco/funk genius! I can hardly believe this is a new track because it sounds like it could have rolled straight out of 1975! Javi Frias has brought some Spanish fire to this party starting groove!

2. Discotron - Early Morning Funk

It's been a hot minute since we've had the masterful Discotron on this here chart! The dude is a hurricane of funk and grooves, so much so that its hard not to be a little scared by his prowess. Is it really just one man? Is he the prodigy that the Bee Gees once foretold?  

3. Lindstrøm - Didn't Know Better feat. Ronika (Remix)

Welcome to the school of Lindstrøm, where all electronic musicians need to spend a semester learning at the feet of a master. This track takes your hand and spins you onto the dancefloor. Ronika's vocals are a dream and draw us through this soundscape effortlessly. This is definitely love at first listen and then just try to stop!

4. Mighty Mouse - Forever

Please let me listen to this disco perfection "Forever." Mighty Mouse is adept at playing different styles of music, but this track is all things disco. Sexy, come-hither vocals, silky strings and bumping bass chords take us to the line "I've been waiting for you for so long, now that you're here, I just want it to last forever." Is that her breathing heavy or me? 

5. Little Boots - Eros feat. Planningtorock

Little Boots is a perennial favorite of Indie Discotheque and her Burn EP delivered in spades this year. "Eros" is a sad trip down disco lane, with its sweeping string arrangements. Much love to Victoria and her broken heart, which I already know has made her a fearsome force to be reckoned with. I can't wait to see what 2019 brings from Boots!

6. Kraak & Smaak - Keep It Together feat. LUXXURY

Kraak & Smaak + LUXXURY is a marriage made in disco heaven! Blake Robin's falsetto lyrics take you straight to summertime, no matter what time of year it is. Guitars and bass slaps that are pure Nile Rodgers via Chic swirl together like an ice cream dream. Delicious! 

7. Chaka Khan - Like Sugar (Ken's Disco Stomper)

Chaka Khan has reemerged like a butterfly with this deliciously sticky groover and Ken@Work has done an incredible job making this remix that much sweeter. Nice way to make a comeback for Ms. Khan.

8. Niteshifters - We Can Fly (Dr Packer Remix)

Dr. Packer does it again with his take on "We Can Fly" by Niteshifters. Deep bass grooves, silky strings and come-hither vocals take this gorgeous track to the next level. After all that, a sexy guitar solo is produced, taking this track over the top! Niteshifters say they will make you put on your boogie pants and do the 21st Century hustle and I agree!

9. Lulla - Suffer (Tony Disco Remix)

Nude Disco's Vern and singer Heidrun Bjornsdottir, the two parts that makeup Lulla are back with "Suffer," a delicious concoction that turns sweetly disco at 1:28, thanks to the fantastic remix by Tony Disco. I already love this band and this remix takes a dark lyric and makes you forget that anyone is suffering at all.

10. Michael Jackson - Get On The Floor (Pete's Multitrack Freakout)

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Is it possible to take an impeccable disco classic and make it even more disco? The answer is an absolute yes! Pete Le Freq's take on Michael Jackson's "Get On The Floor" is the stuff my sparky disco dreams are made of. Smooth and sexy, with 1:30 up front to up your anticipation for what is about to hit you. Yummy.

11. Tamia - Leave It Smokin' (Moon Boots Remix)

"Let's give in to our temptations" is the sample Pete, aka Moon Boots decided to draw us into this sexy jam and I was immediately hooked. This remix takes the original, slow R&B track and makes it irresistibly danceable. This is the truest definition of a remix and very few artists are doing it better than Moon Boots. 

12. Midnight Pool Party - Stand A Chance

Wow, have we missed Midnight Pool Party! You don't need to worry if you stand a chance, because the answer is a solid yes! I for one am super excited about the experimental vibe of this track and wait for the pure disco breakdown at 3:02. Genius.

13. Final DJs - I Feel Free feat. Bright Light Bright Light

Oh, Final DJs, thanks for coming to the sparkly side! We need you here! Rod, aka, Bright Light Bright Light, has such a panache for adding his silky vocals to a gorgeous track and making it extra.

14. C. Da Afro - Disco Winds

With some serious spirit of Donna Summer welling up inside this tune, the "Disco Wind" can take me away to the land where disco lives. I know I will be very happy there. C. Da Afro has this wind in his blood and each new song feeds my need to boogie!

15. Escort - Josephine

Escort just seems to always get it right. Veterans of the scene, Escort manages to bring out the spirit of 70's disco/funk while making it still feel fresh for 2018. Oh la la..."Josephine".

16. Yuksek - Showbiz feat. Villa

This song is for pure pleasure seekers. "You can be can be a star..." is all anyone wants to think when they are on the dancefloor because everyone is a star when they are dancing. Yuksek reminds us to enjoy the glamour of "Showbiz", even if it's just bustin' a move in your living room!

17. Viciousi & Agrume - Once Again

In December, I am thanking the disco gods for convincing Viciousi to finally release a few tracks they recorded with Agrume! "Once Again" is 7:50 minutes of pure joy and reminds me of why I love dancing and why we all need to do it more. "Basslines are my drugs and vocals are my heart" are some of the most uplifting lyrics I've heard all year! 

18. La Felix - Get To You feat. Joshua Moriarty (Funk LeBlanc Remix)

Funk LeBlanc have kicked up "Get To You" a notch with this summery remix. This track has such a light and effortless feel to it, that it's really great for any time of day or night. La Felix is continuing the disco greatness of his French counterparts and I am loving it! 

19. Little Dragon - Timothy

Little Dragon meets disco/funk? What a fantastic gift and something I am eternally grateful for! "Timothy, play your song...oooh, 'til the break of dawn," that is straight funky. I am loving this new EP and the new sounds Little Dragon are playing with.

20. Satin Jackets feat. Niya Wells - Lost In Japan

If you told me I would love a cover of a Shawn Mendes song, I am sure I would not have believed you, but Tim Bernhardt and Niya Wells have the sweet, sexy magic that made the original a hit and added smoke to that fire. This may be the perfect song to burn those calories off to.

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