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Bose Launching AR-Audio Sunglasses, Frames

The sunglasses come with built in speakers.
Bose Frames

You may be looking at this title and wondering what the hell are AR-audio sunglasses. I also thought the same thing, but after trialing them out to some sites and developers at SXSW, Bose has officially announced their new wearable, Frames, which combines audio and AR into a pair of sunglasses.

The sunglasses work as headphones, sitting close to wear headphones would traditionally. There are two models – one with round frames and one with rectangle frames. Frames can stream music and information, take and make calls, and access virtual assistants.

The battery holds up to 3.5 hours of audio playback and up to 12 hours on standby and takes two hours to fully charge. This obviously isn’t great compared to other portable electronic devices, but remember the battery is stored in your sunglasses.

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The AR platform is powered by audio instead of visual. It knows where you are (the tech overlords always know) using a 9-axis head motion sensor and the GPS from your iOS or Android device. It adds audio that offers information based on your location or what direction you are facing.

The sunglasses themselves are tinted UV-blocking and weigh 45 grams, which is impressive considering everything in them.

Obviously there are some limitations to sunglasses. Unless you are DJ Snake or Rick Ross, you probably can’t wear sunglasses all the time, especially indoors or when it is dark. They are available for pre-order now for $199.

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