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Celia & Perah's New Scalable M6 Speaker System Reviewed

The new scalable sound system from Celia & Perah delivers incredible sound with a small footprint.
Review By Michael Ireland 

Review By Michael Ireland 

Recently we got the pleasure to try out the M6, the newest offering from Taiwanese speaker company Celia & Perah - now in the process of raising funding on Indiegogo. The M6 is a wireless scalable speaker system that the company is calling “The Dramatic Moment.” They are scalable in that you can start with just the main pair of speakers and add the subwoofer or surround speakers later, turning your system from a 2.1 to 4.1 and even to a 6.1 if you so desire.  

The two main speakers on their own sound astounding delivering a nice punch and balance for their size, but the system shines when you add in the subwoofer and surround speakers. The M6 system is unique in that you don’t need a receiver to control the system. You merely sync all the speakers together in a way similar to syncing up a wireless controller to an Xbox. The set up is remarkably simple and also gives you several options for connecting to various sources.  

LED display-source_ Wi-Fi

The M6 can be hooked up via Bluetooth, optical audio, RCA, or standard audio jack. We tried out the Bluetooth connection to listen to music through an iPhone 8 and the optical audio hooked up to an Xbox One, and both connection types had excellent sound quality. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 2.38.14 PM

Gaming is where we noticed the incredible detail of this system. Using the speakers for surround sound while playing Red Dead Redemption was nothing short of phenomenal. The sound of crunching snow under the horse's hoofs put us right in the game (and on the horse it seemed), and we found ourselves looking over our shoulders looking for a rabbit scurrying by. In the past, we have always preferred headphones for gaming, but the M6 speaker system has brought a whole new level of sound experience to our gaming cave. Even in the loudest gun battles we never heard any distortion (And they were cranked).  

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If you can't push the volume up to far, not to worry, the sound quality of these speakers is apparent at any volume. While gaming with the M6 system we found the surround sound to be accurate and immersive. We tested these speakers in both the 2.1 and 4.1 configurations both of which were great, but 4.1 is the way to go here. We can't even imagine how good they would sound in full 6.1 surround sound, but safe to say it's probably amazing.   


For listening to music, we tested them out with some indie rock, hip-hop, and classical. The M6 performed excellent with all of them, bringing a nice balance between the lows, mids, and highs. While the subwoofer, with a relatively small 4” diameter speaker cone, doesn’t deliver room shaking bass it does fill out the music nicely without overpowering the mid’s and the high’s. Overall we found the M6 to perform incredibly well across these genres. 

The primary and satellite speakers contain two mid-woofers and one tweeter and measure in at a compact 7 ¾” tall, 3” wide, and 3 ½” deep. The subwoofer cabinet measures 17” tall, 6 ¾” wide, and 9” deep. These little speakers allow you to fill your room with immersive sound without taking up much floor or wall space. While this is a wireless system, there are still a few wires to deal with in the overall setup: namely a separate power cord for the subwoofer, satellite speakers, and the main speakers. Also, there is a 5’ long RCA cable that you use to connect the two main speakers as well as one to connect the satellite speakers.  

While it would be nice not to have the RCA cable we didn’t find it too bothersome. However, for some home theater setups, you may find yourself needing a longer cable, depending on your space. Besides the RCA cables, the only other minor complaint about the M6 would be its remote control.  

The included remote is small (easy to lose) and feels like something you’d get with a cheaper system. Hopefully, Celia & Perah develop a phone app that you could use as an alternative to the remote. Also in the absence of a receiver, it would have been nice to have a few of the controls for volume, EQ, and input selection on the main speaker. The only other improvement we could think of would be to house the M6 speakers in wood like many of Celia & Perah's other offerings.  

Thoughts overall -- minor gripes aside the M6 is compact, easy to set up, has an elegant design, and impressive sound quality. The M6 delivers on their promise of “The Dramatic Moment” bringing vibrant sound immersion to your gaming, tv, and music listening.     

Celia & Perah M6 on Indiegogo Here with early bird deals starting at $579. 

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