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Chromonicci Keeps Christmas Cool With New Holiday Single "Wonderful Christmas"

Chromonicci adds a new Christmas single to the holiday rotation.
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With the holiday season in full effect, the sounds of Christmas can be heard everywhere you go. Be it on the radio in your car, in stores and restaurants, or coming out of the homes of your friends and family, the music of Sinatra, Bublé, Groban, Glen Miller and many of our jazz and pop favorites have been showcased -- just as they have been every year as folks celebrate being together.

When we think of the holidays, these artists hit seasonal playlists without a second thought. Which begs the question, “When did artists stop making quality Christmas music?” Dallas native, Chromonicci has stepped up to the plate with the release of his new seasonal single “Wonderful Christmas.” We think it’s great the the young producer is doing his part to spice up the sometime stale holiday music lineup.

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Nicci blesses the world with a jazzy holiday vibe that really puts you in the right spirit. The track kicks off with a beautiful piano melody which then springs into movement with Christian’s “niccibounce” sound. He breathes life into this production with mellisonant vocals that seem to float over the claps and other unique instrumentations on the track. With these Christmas themed lyrics, he easily lulls us into the nostalgic feeling of being a kid waking up to gifts and snow filled wonder.

When we asked Chromonicci about how he came up with the new single he had this to say.

“I’ve been wanting to make a Christmas song for a few years now, but the inspiration has never come at the right time. I love the way Christmas music has always reminded me of a big warm hug from family you haven’t seen in ages, and I really wanted to capture that element in a track, but with my own twist. I mean, warm hugs are cool and all.... but do they slap? This season everything fell into place. I think I was able to bring the two worlds of a classic Christmas music and my new-school bounce together, without compromise, in a single track. You can still really connect to the Christmas holiday season vibe, but it has the Chromonicci stamp. I’m really pleased with how it came out.”

After discovering Chromonicci earlier this year, I’ve been hooked and It’s been incredible watching this soon to be star develop through his releases. He’s even starting to get some major recognition for his hard work as “Wonderful Christmas” was featured as the first track on Spotify’s official New Music Holiday playlist!

Through his production and from his own original vocals, Chromonicci has really set the bar on creative versatility and looks to take the momentum from this song right into 2019. Be on the lookout for more music and art from him in the new year and follow him on IG, Souncloud and Spotify

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