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Event: Magnetic NYE With Gene Farris At Halcyon SF

Ring in the new year with us and one of house music's finest

The New Year represents a time of new beginnings, new opportunities, and new resolutions. We think it’s fitting that with 2018 coming to a close and a new year on the horizon, Magnetic and Halcyon are together featuring an artist who seems to take advantage of all these things annually! Constantly reinventing himself, starting new projects and never letting an opportunity pass him by, Gene Farris remains a force to be reckoned with. The lucky folks who attend, get to ring in 2019 with Gene on what’s sure to be a Farris Wheel ride for the books!


Gene, your energy and stamina never cease to amaze us. You’ve been at this a while and never seem to lose your gumption or gusto! What are the key attributes that keep you in the game?

First off thank you, I work hard to try to stay high energy. My key I believe is my passion for the music and my drive to have a great party each and every time I play. I’m there to make the people have a great time and I feed off the energy given to me from the crowd.

We’ve witnessed some pretty energetic crowds at your shows. The energy is always off the charts! The new year never fails to bring resolutions and you strike us as a man with resolve! What are some of your most successful resolutions and why?

One of my most successful resolutions was quitting drinking three years ago, this has helped me tremendously. It keeps my drive for the music and the scene going strong. I found myself not absorbing everything as much as I should’ve before and now I feel great and I’m completely inspired all over again.


It’s very impressive that you’re able to keep that up! So what was your least successful resolution and why?

My least successful resolution was trying to quit smoking :( I’ve gotten an e-cigarette and that’s helped loads :)

You’ve been wielding your FARRIS WHEEL-power on stages from DIRTYBIRD to Detroit’s MOVEMENT and beyond. How have you managed to maintain diversity while playing to the various factions?

Diversity is what I do:) I don’t really like playing one style of music, I love House, Tech House, and Techno all the same. So if you come to my show you can expect everyone getting a heavy dose of what they love.

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You’ve collaborated with so many amazing artists. Who can we expect you to be collaborating within the year to come?

Thanks a lot, I strive to keep things current and diverse, in 2019 I have a lot of collaborations I’m very excited about new tunes from myself and Green Velvet, Tim Baresko, Max Chapman, Gawp, Pax, Eric Morillo, Nathan Barato, and Idris Elba just to name a few.

Wow! That’s an amazing list of names, so exciting. Who is an artist dead or alive that you’d love to collaborate with?

Quincy Jones

Epic. What else is in store next year for you?

I’m working on some really cool projects with Toolroom, Defected out of the UK, Relief Records and Dirtybird.

How do you think the dance music industry will be or change in 2019?

I think it’s always progressing forward so I’m sure that won’t change. I'm seeing more energy this year in the music :)

We look forward to seeing what amazing things you have in store for 2019! Cheers to the New Year!

Join Gene at halcyon on New Year's Eve for a special extended set, from 9 pm. 


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