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How It Was Made: Linear Straight 'Roscomos' [Konsequent Records]

Words by Linear Straight

Welcome to another edition of "How It Was Made", our ongoing behind the scenes series that breaks down the tools and methods your favorite artists used to create your favorite music. Today, we meet Linear Straight, the new alias of Glenn Keteleer, aka Radical G. In this feature, he discusses the tools he used on his new album 'Roscomos', a hard-hitting techno album out on Konsequent Records. If you're wanting to toughen up your sound, Glenn might just be able to help. Words by Linear Straight.


EURORACK PRODUCTION: The main sound source of Linear Straight in combination with Soma lab's "Lyra 8". Drums are part modular and part from legendary Roland classics like 707, 606 and 909. My modular rack is my partner in crime. So many ways to create my own sequences on the fly, I do like a 50 a day but I only choose the ones worth working on. It includes modules from worldwide manufacturers, Noise engineering, Erica Synths, Intellijel, Make Noise, Mutable instruments but also smaller companies like our own Lyra8 fx module from Soma lab, Touellskouarn, Animal factory amplification, and some dervish fx are in charge in some tracks. I like cult stuff, things other people don't like and use them in a different way which usually ends up in something unique. 

Modular rack

The Pipe: This instrument is simply unique, I was lucky to get the first finished unit in the world so I decided to do something special with it, suddenly all tracks on the album kind of needed these blending soundscape. It is so powerful. I never thought i would be able to get this kind of results just using my own voice. Vlad, the creator of the instrument is just a genius. The album wouldn't be here without his instruments. Soma lab for the win.

The Pipe

Lyra 8: Also here, this thing is from another planet. It never cost me so much effort in my entire career to get an instrument as the Lyra 8. I had to fool Belgian customs with a cheap story to get it within a few days because I really wanted to use this as the main soundscape in the album.

It was stuck there among 1500 packages from around the globe so I had to come up with a good story to get those customs looking after the grey mysterious box with a Russian print on it and it worked. When I came out of the building I drove home with a big smile on my face, knowing this was the instrument needed to get started. 10 days and nights later the album was there.

Lyra 8

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BARON SAMEDI: Mumbai's based Animal Factory Amplification, one of those smaller companies I really like. The Baron Samedi doesn't only look pretty scary in the rack, it also has this sound. Very unique distortion module which did most of the distortions used in the album. You can literally kill a sound with it, very flexible and easy to use. Handmade stuff which makes it even more valuable these days. I can't wait for the company's new stuff, always a pleasure to see new modules pop up in a limited amount of production. I like …

Baron samedi


Most of the tracks are jam recordings recorded straight into the box, i just like Ableton's workflow to record multiple tracks at the same time. It's just a matter of taste. I worked on all other DAW's before but none of them has the workflow of Ableton. Mixing was done Outboard through an analog DDA mixing desk.


This original classic is still one of my favorite mono synths, it can produce nice baselines but in combination with modular, this synth has so much more to offer. This was the first instrument I bought when I started producing late 90's and it will be my side when I die someday. It's a keeper.


Roscomos by Linear Straight is out now via Konsequent Records. Check it below, and be sure to grab your copy here

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