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In The Know: SoStereo's Weekly Music News Summary December 28, 2018

SoStereo's weekly music news summary with Instagram rolling out an update, maybe, and more.
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Instagram Rolls Out Update, Or Does It?

Instagram set social media on fire yesterday when they pushes a new update to a large number of users. It involved tapping on the screen to scroll with horizontal scrolling with scrolling down to view comments. This was met seemingly with universal disdain. It seemed to fit with their stories approach and users were not happy. They said it was a bug and a small test that went wider than expected. It was quickly rolled back.

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U.S. Copyright Office Taking Comments On Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC):

The Mechanical Licensing Collective, which was created by the Music Modernization Act, will soon be created under the U.S. Copyright Office. Since MMA was passed in October it is now time for the actual law to be implemented and the new bodies and statues created. The U.S Copyright Office is now taking comments on suggestions for the MLC and written proposals as well. Parties will have until March 21, 2019 to submit written proposals, and until April 22 for the public to comment. It is looking for types of business plans, employee numbers, funding types, how to liaise with other industry groups and more.

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Create Your Own Spotify Wrapped For Apple Music:

If you were on the interview at the beginning of 2018, you probably saw musicians and friends sharing their Spotify statistics online. Apple Music did not have that feature, nor did other services. NoiseHub’s new app will create a type of Spotify Wrapped for Apple Music. It takes the data from Apple Music and gives you a personalized recap of the year. Be prepared to give up your email and personal info if you do.

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