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Interview: Parisian Chill Electronic Duo, SACRE Talk Their New Concept Album Being Released Over 2019

We chat with the Parisian duo about their upcoming album, which will be released one song at a time over 2019 before being shared all one at once in November.
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SACRE is a chill-out pop electronic music duo based in Paris. In March 2018, they released their EP The Call, which brought attention to the pair worldwide. Outstanding vocals, exquisite electric pianos, and dreamy beats symbolize SACRE's cool, M83-like sounds. They also released a remix package for The Call whose names such as Gigamesh, Chopstick & Johnjon, Uppermost, and Elephanz appear as remixers. SACRE will release their first studio album in November 2019.

We met with a new band in Paris, SACRE, talking about their extremely promising debut EP The Call released in 2018, and their new project, a full-length album Love Revolution which will be released track by track starting from January 2019, one track each month for a year. Here is a premiere of one of those records.

Love Revolution will be released as a concept album with 12 characters, 12 scenes, 4 chapters, 12 pictures, 12 songs released over 12 months. Hawaii and Sukil worked on this album as authors, songwriters, singers, producers, and stylists.

Angel: Tell us where you're from? How did you both encounter?

Sukil: We both come from Paris and met here.

Hawaii: I was recording a track and I needed a vocalist and met with Sukil at the time. After our recording session, we discussed and I was drawn to the way she sang and what she brought to the track was just so clear to me. So we decided to do something together.

Angel: What was magical about you two when you decided to create music?

Sukil: When I saw Hawaii compose at the piano, I saw my favorite colors and some familiars landscapes in his music. I could swim between the notes, my melodies were easy to find. I was in synch with his chords.

Hawaii: I was very surprised in a good sense when we both met. She was so in sync with the fact that music is what I do. I eat music, I sleep music, and it was just so surprising to find someone like me. There are many ways to make music. Until now, I was not able to create music with the people I met before. Music is not just music, it's a whole, it's everything. So our characters quite collided and our interpretation was flawless.

Angel: So what created the idea of SACRE precisely?

Sukil: We were looking for something striking and universal. We wanted to expose our message to others, so our name came out naturally with this purpose.

Hawaii: SACRE recalls the idea of consecration. Like Berghain is the consecration of love and music. We wanted to bring the idea of love with music, too.

Angel: In your bio, your have this quote, "We believe that yellow and blue is the beginning of everything. We believe 64 is a good number. We believe music is love.” Are you guys into spirituality?

Hawaii: We believe we could bring more poetry and magic to our world today. We like to filter the way we perceive things in our everyday life, through another lens. It's exciting to see life differently as everyday things become cool.

Sukil: These three sentences are the metaphor of three ideas that translate our daily life, and that we can find in our November project Love Revolution. This new album will totally embrace our universe.

Angel: So tell us about Love Revolution. What can fans expect?

Sukil: Love Revolution gathers characters around a similar path which is LOVE. There are various characters and we have based our work around the “accumulation principle.” The prism is our work.

Hawaii: We can say that Love Revolution is an audio series that is timeless, outside any time zone. We can't say in which generation we are. We have 12 tracks for 24 hours, and we'll release them such a series, once a month, during a year.

Angel: You are now based in Paris. What inspires you here?

Sukil & Hawai: We quite lack sun in Paris, so we wanted to add colors and sun in our tracks. We wanted to spread kindness, love, cool vibes.

Angel: Your EP The Call was well received and features remixes from artists such as Gigamesh, Uppermost, and Chopstick and Johnjohn. Each remix brings something unique, a new level of energy. How did you start collaborating with these artists and were you surprised at some of the remixes?

Sukil: Every artist's version of our track was aligned with our expectations. The contact we had was friendly and we felt their interpretation of our music was true to our songs.

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Hawaii: It was fabulous to see how each artist brought his own imprint to our music. We were surprised, it was such as a change, and we really love how artists have taken their own way around our songs.

Sukil: What we loved most was that the music didn't belong to us anymore, it became a medium for other's work. It was a beautiful experience, the idea of the community made the relationship very friendly.

Angel: Which artists would you like to work with in the future?

Sukil: I'd love to work with visual artists like Lynch. I would also love to work with other artists, maybe in rap music, or create clothes with Iris Van Harpen, who takes inspiration from nature. She is like the Gaudi of fashion.

Hawaii: Jungle. I'd love to collaborate with them.

Angel: Classic question, but how did you first get introduced to music? What was the driver for you?

Sukil: I am a concert artist, pianist, and singer, and I discovered electronic music recently.

Hawaii: As for me, I came back from watching Star Wars, and suddenly, everything came to me. It was obvious that the music of Star Wars totally stuck me. It felt like we were not on earth anymore.

Angel: Which top artists shaped your influence?

Sukil: Classical music. I have all these notes in my head.

Hawaii: I discovered The Beatles when I was 32 years old. I also listened to lots of classical music which strongly influenced me. As of today, I enjoy Deadmau5, when we didn't know him.

Angel: What's your creative process when writing music? Do you have an idea in mind or do you somehow experiment and see what's coming?

Sukil: It depends which tracks we are referring to. But what I like about SACRE is that we write everything together to the point that we don't know who writes what.

Hawaii: I would add that it depends on the moment we write the songs. We used to write a song by standing for a vision. We imagined a track about a guy in the desert—it's something like in a psychic state. We used to project ourselves into the scene. But today, we are in another dynamic. We imagine the way that draws toward us. It's more direct, more under our control.

Angel: Talk a bit about the ideas behind "Palmtree Hotel.” 

Sukil: The lyrics are metaphorical. It talks about a guy who is going to take a chance. The first verse is about a guy who is running through the desert and at the end of the road can see ultimate freedom.

Hawaii: The guy is in the desert of his life. He is in a position where he has to take the chance, it's now or never. It's all imaginary but we like the vision of the future, the expression behind the desert.

Angel: What can we find in your music studio? Any instruments you prefer to experiment with?

Hawaii: I am really in love with the electric piano Wurlitzer. We can find this instrument in all our compositions.

Sukil: We also enjoy adding organic percussions and vocals.

Hawaii: We are still young to perform but we believe Berghain would be the best scene for us. At Berghain, everyone is chill and cool. The entire world is just serene.

Angel: How do you prefer to perform? You mentioned a hybrid DJ set with singing...

Hawaii: We don't seek to perform just to perform. We live in an intense world and it's important for us to recreate our universe, the one similar to the “Palmtree Hotel.” We want to play with shadows, the sensations, the lights.

Angel: What does 2019 hold for you?

Sukil and Hawaii: We are now launching our first studio album, which will be released starting from January one track each month.

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