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New Production School 343 Labs Open In New York City With Former Dubspot Teachers

They will offer free courses for those who didn't get refunds when Dubspot shut down last year.
343 Labs

A new production school is coming to New York City. Out of the steaming pile of (allegedly) fraudulent rubble that was Dubspot rises 343 Labs.

Former Dubspot instructors Max Wild and Nacho Isa have led the new project, bringing on other former instructors John Selway, Abe Duque, Cândida Borges, Brent Arnold and Adam Partridge.

343 offers classes in music production, Ableton Live, songwriting and music theory, audio mixing, Logic Pro and synthesis for producers. DJing and live performance classes are planned for the future.

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The company says in a press release via RA, the "idea is to create a global electronic music education community at the cutting-edge of music technology and education."

They are well aware of the legacy of Dubspot, which was poorly managed at the end. The company shut down without suddenly last year without giving some students refunds for thousands of dollars, if not more, worth of classes. 343 Labs insist the Dubspot instructors “had nothing to do with the shutdown,” but they will still look to make amends. Anyone with proof of payment and lack of a refund will be offered complimentary courses at 343 starting in January 2019. Read more on their website

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