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Odesza have released the deluxe edition of their 2017 album Moment Apart. Most deluxe versions just include an extra song or two that were released in the wake of the album or some instrumentals, but Odesza look to add a little more with this one. They added five VIP edits and reprises of songs from some of the biggest tracks on the record.

Fans who have seen them live may recognize some of these edits, which have been rinsed out by the duo along their extensive touring over the past year and a half in support of the album. The deluxe album also includes their single “Loyal” and instrumentals for three of the edits. The new edits either add a bit more drums or provide a more subdued feel to the songs.

Now you can go back, unsave the original album that you had in your library and add this one because it has more Odesza and will give you something extra to listen to from them through the winter. Stream it below or pick up a copy here.

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