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Peggy Gou Launching Special Line Of Hawaiian Shirts

It's time to get tropical with Peggy Gou.
Peggy Gou

Peggy Gou not in a Hawaiian Shirt

There are few artists who had the type of year that Peggy Gou had. Seemingly everywhere all the time, her music captured an escapist groove that few others put out in 2018, while DJing eclectic and thrilling sets worldwide. She is also diving into fashion, one of her big passions, and is gearing up to launch her own line of clothing. Now she is launching her own line of Hawaiian shirts in collaboration with Bali’s Potato Head Beach Club.

She will be playing at the club on December 22 and will launch the shirts at the event. There are three different shirts and each design is limited to only 50 different shirts. The merch will launch on the same day on Potato Head’s website. Hopefully more will be released online.

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