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Sigur Rós Release New Music Through Liminal Their "Endless Ambient Streaming Mixtape"

The tape features music still in progress from the group as well as some remixes.
Sigur Ros

Earlier this year Sigur Rós started Liminal, an “endless ambient streaming mixtape,” which has unreleased music from the group, chill out remixes of existing songs and contributions from some of their friends. The group just released their third edition of the mixtape, giving listeners an extra hour of ambient music to soak up as the weather gets colder and beds filled with large comforters and fluffy pillows become more and more welcoming.

The tape features ten songs and runs about an hour long. There is music from Sigur Rós, as well as remixes from Kjartan Holm and Paul Corley. This specific tape has music that will be found in Tónandi, their spatial computing experience designed in collaboration with Magic Leap.

This is the first tape to feature only Sigur Rós material and many of the songs are still in development, so what you hear now, may not be the same later on, especially for those who will get Tónandi.

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They premiered the music with accompanying visuals in Los Angeles last week and the live stream was put online. 

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