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Spotify 2018 Wrapped: What Did You Actually Listen To?

Are you top artists the people you think they are?
Spotify 2018 Wrapped

Knowing what you listened to over the course of a year isn’t always obvious. You probably have a high opinion of yourself, thinking of your favorite albums and some of the highlight moments of the year over vacations, summer trips, favorite songs and big nights out. However, when the data comes out, a different picture may emerge. Spotify users got their 2018 wrapped recap today, which shows who they were listening to today, which includes online and offline listening (important for those who use the app on the go.)

My results were stubbornly stuck on my gym playlists, despite listening to nearly 13,000 different songs. Thanks everyone who emailed me music! Other users can see their top artist, top five songs, artists and genres. In addition to that, Spotify also curates some songs they thing you would like and put together the top songs of the year into a playlist.

They have some fun with the data, getting into horoscopes, showing you which sign you like to listen to and seeing if that aligns with you. Head to the website to see what you actually listened to.

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