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Spotlight: How Do You Enjoy Music In Surround Sound?

Incorporating surround sound into your speaker system will make your music sound that much better.
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A few decades ago surround sound had a very heavy centralized image and was suitable only for movies, due to its possibility to nail the conversation to the room’s center. Today’s technologies process stereo source into surround sound, making it suitable for both movies and music. Now people are able to choose the best AV receiver and fill the house with fantastic sound, but before purchasing, it’s significant to check AV receivers reviews, set priorities and make a right choice.

What magic comes from true surround sound?

It can manage the data in the recording but doesn’t create supplementary moments. While attending a live classical concert, you definitely remember that the instruments were placed before you with the natural surroundings of the hall from all the angles. Surround sound creates the same effect. The environment retrieves and steers to the front, sides and the back. No additional tones appear, only the sound, which is simply moving around you.

Why surround sound is essential if you want to get the perfect sound?

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While pop tracks are playing, the AV receiver uses a hard center channel, ridding the imaging of vocals at any limits. A high-quality 2-channel stereo system is able to sail the continuous center image for only one person, while the “hard” core channel may become an excellent resolution for multiple listeners.

Surround sound capacity appears while listening to laced hard to the left and right sounds. In such a mode, the tones will stretch more to the sides, producing a soundstage-hologram in the form of a horseshoe. Modern analog surround technologies can operate few-channel sources. Some old records don’t sound clean and can work badly in surround sound. Even 30-40 years old music products are able to impress a listener with added depth and vast sound field.

How to place the system’s elements to obtain the required sound?

A high-grade AV receiver purchasing is the best solution for creating seamless surround sound conditions at home. Such devices usually have lots of inputs and outputs, which enable music in various formats.

The correct speakers’ deployment is necessary if you want to achieve a flawless tone. Just follow these few steps:

  • Place the available subwoofers in the central part of the whole composition. Avoid corners and walls.
  • Allocate the front speakers on both sides of the TV.
  • Raise the front speakers. It will bring amazing sound quality.
  • Put the speakers on the TV’s plane.
  • Place the receiver beside the TV, turn the system on, and feel the power of music.

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