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Spotlight: Must-Have iPhone Apps for Aspiring Musicians

These apps range from apps that can simply store your music to apps that can allow you to create your next hit song while you're waiting in a line.
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Musicians are constantly on the move. Whether it’s going to band practice, performing live at local venues, touring the country for a summer, or hopping from one press junket to another, musical artists big and small are typically headed somewhere at any given moment.

In addition to keeping their devices safe on-the-go with iPhone cases, musicians also need to put their smartphones to good use for the sake of their music. Fortunately, there are several iPhone apps for aspiring musicians. These apps range from apps that can simply store your music to apps that can allow you to create your next hit song while you're waiting in a line.


GarageBand is an app that is derived from the GarageBand software that is offered on Mac computers. The app is free for both iPhones and iPads that were developed after September 2014. On many newer Apple devices, GarageBand is already installed out of the box. GarageBand is one of the best music production apps on App Store and what makes it so great is its immense amount of capabilities. Musicians can create songs in GarageBand by using a variety of multi-touch instruments, such as drums and pianos. Once a song is developed, a user can then share the song across several platforms directly from the app.


Yousician is an app that allows aspiring musicians to teach themselves additional instruments while using their phone. Users can learn guitar, piano, ukulele, and bass through the app. Yousician has numerous capabilities but primarily offers missions that serve as music lessons. When a user decides to utilize a more hands-on experience, they can use the microphone function of Yousician to receive feedback on their songs. While the app is free on the App Store, the best parts of Yousician have to be accessed through their monthly subscription program


Tempo is a metronome app that allows musicians to stay on beat when needed. When compared to the many other metronome apps available on the App Store, Tempo is far more accurate and user-friendly. Users can save certain settings in Tempo to return to later, this avoids the hassle of needing to recreate a setting during every practice session. Tempo has numerous time signatures to choose from and can monitor tempos between the range of 10 to 800 bpm. There are both free and paid versions of Tempo.

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Every musician should always carry a tuner with them and what better place to have a tuner than on your phone? ClearTune is a chromatic tuner that simplifies the laborious tuning process that you need to do every time you take out your instrument. ClearTune is precise, accurate, quick, and efficient

Ultimate Guitar Tabs:

As implied by its name, Ultimate Guitar Tabs is the ultimate guitar app. The app offers guitarists a variety of guitar tabs from the palms of their hands. For beginner guitarists, the app offers lessons on chords and guitar patterns. There is an expansive library of music in the app that caters to guitarists of all skill levels. The app also has a built-in metronome and guitar tuner that can allow a guitarist to tune their guitar in a number of different tunings

Road Trip:

Road Trip is a valuable app for musicians who are continuously traveling. The app helps musicians budget their trips by tracking expenses and fuel consumption. Through its built-in GPS, the app can also determine the best route between tour locations. Additionally, Road Trip can provide mileage statistics to its users


DM1 is an iPhone drum machine that can mobilize a large immobile drum set. Through its many percussive options and quick quantization, DM1 creates the perfect mobile drummer.

Most musicians are busy trying to practice, perform, and perfect their craft. This usually means a life on-the-go. Due to their inherent mobility and a vast range of uses, smartphones have become a critical resource for modern musicians living this life. Not only does this mean making sure the phone is well-protected against the drops and spills so often happening on the road, but making the most out of the music-focused apps available to download.

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