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Swedish Luxury Outwear Brand Stutterheim Helping UN Refugee Children This Holiday Season

Stutterheim partners with UN Refugee Agency UNHCR to donate clothes to refugee children.

Swedish luxury outerwear brand Stutterheim continues to partner with the UN Refugee Agency UNCHCR this holiday season until December 24, 2018.  For every purchase on their website, Stutterheim will pay for clothing for three refugee children. Stutterheim will also donate 10% to the UNCHCR for every sale item purchased, while the customers save an additional 40% off modern, fisherman-inspired wear. All of their raincoats are 100% handmade. They are available in women, men, children sizes and are unisex.

The Swedish premium outerwear brand was designed by Alexander Stutterheim in 2010 and inspired by his grandfather's 1960's fishing coat.  He detested the current state of rainwear and accessories that people had available such as newspapers that served as make-shift umbrellas, drab plain umbrellas and bulky looking raincoats. Stutterheim determined that there was "nothing nice to wear in bad weather” and that's when he designed his first fitted, functional, modern fashion take on the raincoat called, Arholma.  

Since Arholma, Stutterheim continues to grow their raincoat designs worldwide with Mosebacke (starting out at $177) and Stockholm ($295). They have even partnered with shoe company Novesta to create sleek and urban water-repellent rain boots. They continue to creatively partner with internationally-known luxury brands and designers that include: Volvo, Dover Street Market, MarniAS2OV, Garance Dore' and hip-hop icon and America's richest musician, Jay-Z. Stutterheim has a dedicated fan base and is worn by BTS, Kanye West, and others.

Stutterheim is available at over 1,500 retailers and has two flagship stores at Åsögatan 136 in Stockholm and at 232 Mulberry Street in New York City.

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