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Yung Pinch Drops His New Mixtape "Lost At Sea"

The Huntington Beach Boy is back with a new 7 song project.

Rising rap star Yung Pinch continues his 2018 release spree by dropping a 7 track mixtape titled, “Lost at Sea”. The project was released last week as a finale for his #4EVERFRIDAY series which included fan favorites such as “Deeper Than The Ocean,” “Castaway,” and “This My Wave,” all of which maintain an even tide and unvarying vocal swagger. All seven tracks flow seamlessly to create something that listeners can really vibe with. Lost at Sea really showcases Pinch’s growth as an emerging mainstream artist and highlights his ability to weave bars over beats to create bangers. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 2.57.04 PM

 As introspective as it gets, Pinch speaks on many of his personal experiences throughout this project such as coming up in the rap game, being crossed by his own friends, and living the lavish life he had dreamt of achieving. Pinch's auto tuned sing-along rap style is front and center per usual but it's his use of contemporary hooks and incredible future wave beats that really makes "Lost At Sea" special. Boasting featured production from greats such as Matics, Bl$$D, The Atomix, PHORA, Hit-Boy, 1MIND, and Menoh Beats it’s no wonder why Yung Pinch is on the radar of both casual and die hard hip hop fans alike.

Within a very short amount of time, Pinch has accumulated over 40 million video views, 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and about half a million social media followers. More impressive than his busy touring schedule and rapidly growing fan base, has been the quality of his discography. He’s been dropping new music at almost every opportunity possible and this is a big attribution to his rapid rise in the industry. To top off a huge year which included his own national bus tour and millions of streams Pinch has also just released the music video for his track “Not Tea” which was produced by both Chino and Tayda (featured on his Lost At Sea project). This track is one of our favorites and if you haven’t already, you should check out the new visuals below.

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Pinch fittingly put out this tape amidst his “Lost At Sea” tour while hitting big cities such as Miami, Austin, New Orleans, and will soon be finishing off his tour at Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles on December 15th. Seeing him in concert is one thing, but with a roaring crowd at Rolling Loud, these fresh tracks are sure to create frenzy amongst live listeners. We are stoked to see what heights Yung Pinch will take his stardom to and more importantly his music. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and check out his new mixtape below.

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