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2018 may be officially in the rearview mirror for many, but its music has left an indelible impression on all of us. We continue to wrap up the best in music from 2018 and now deliver out indie rock chart. Picking out the best 15 indie rock songs from the year wasn't easy with so many good artists and albums released over the year, but we managed to do so. Read on for tracks by MGMT, Arctic Monkeys, Sports and many more.

1. MGMT - Little Dark Age

MGMT gave us all the anthem we needed this year with Little Dark Age. The record satisfied every feeling from impending worldly doom to nihilistic realizations, into breakups and back to trying to understand existence all while exploring sound and giving us something to groove to. 

2. James Supercave - Something To Lose

James Supercave finally released new music this year and continued to kill it with tracks such as "Something To Lose" which basically was all over every one of our playlists since its release last spring. 

3. Neil Frances - Took A While 

Neil Frances made their mark on the indie music scene this year with their first EP release. This track and others sparked our attention and kept it all year, fingers crossed we get more music from these guys in 2019. 

4. Arctic Monkeys - Four Out Of Five

There is no way the Arctic Monkeys aren't making this year-end list after releasing their album Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino this year. By far one of my favorite albums of 2018. 

5. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Hunnybee

Two albums in one year was a special treat from these guys. Sex & Food had to be one of the more remarkable rock albums released this year confirming that Unknown Mortal Orchestra is absolutely killing it. 

6. Worn-Tin - Cycles

Worn-Tin teased us with some beautiful singles this year preparing us for a new album to be released in 2019. Nothing like a lovely appetizer to keep us stoked for even more. I personally can not wait to hear what is coming our way from Warner next year. 

7. Andy Fonda - Shine

Andy Fonda released his first single this year showing off his undeniable talent and has us keeping an eye out for more music from this beautiful soul. 

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8. Video Age - Days To Remember

HOLY WOW. Video Age changed the game with the release of their album Pop Therapy this year. I have listened to this track every single day since its release and will continue to devour this entire album in 2019 and probably for many years to come. 2019 is filled with some tour dates for these guys, so check them out live if you get the chance! 

9. BOYO - Hit or Miss 

BOYO is giving us all we want. Damn good indie rock, the perfect aesthetic and songs that you want to drive all night long to while contemplating the year. 

10. Arlie - Barcelona Boots

This was one of the catchiest songs released by Arlie this year and was definitely on repeat. 

11. Danny Pratt - Black Magic

Danny Pratt seduced us this year with his track "Black Magic" that made us feel all the sexiest feelings this year and got us keeping an eye out for more music in 2019. 

12. Farao - Marry Me

I personally could not stop listening to this song by Farao since it's release in spring 2018. Farao is definitely looking like they are about to blow up in 2019 with their upcoming tour. 

13. Sports - Cadillac 

Sports got us grooving our way through 2018 with the release of their most recent album Everyone's Invited. With great music and a psychedelic glittery aesthetic, these guys brought major funk to 2018. 

14. Walt Disco - Drowning in Your Velvet Bed

Walt Disco makes you want to feel music in your bones with this track making them one of our favorite new bands of 2018. 

15. Lana Del Rey - Mariners Apartment Complex

Last but not least we can't forget that Lana Del Rey graces us with some new music this year and rumors are, a new album will be released in 2019. 

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