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Berlin Community Radio Shuttering Next Month Due To Lack Of Funds

After six good years, the radio station will close next month.
Berlin Community Radio

Berlin Community Radio has announced that is shuttering next month because it doesn’t have the funds to operate. Founders Anastazja Moser and Sarah Miles shared a farewell message to listeners on their website.

“It is with heavy heart that we came to this decision”, the statement reads. “We reached a dead end and spirits have fallen low after losing all funding in 2018. We realize for many this comes as a shock and surprise but unfortunately as it is, BCR is not a sustainable model. Please believe us that we have tried every angle and left no stone unturned but we exhausted all options.”

BCR will close on February 5 after fighting to stay open despite a very tenuous financial situation. They need more than just a Kickstarter or Patreon worth of money to stay afloat.

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“Our team and ourselves put years worth of unpaid work and had to rely on free labor from our volunteers, contributors, programmers/ developers, graphic designers, video makers, hoping things will get better with time, but we simply do not believe this is how things should be done," the statement reads.

For the past six years, Berlin Community Radio has been an invaluable radio resource supporting forward thinking and independent artists from all over the world who might not normally get spins or the chance to host radio shows such as Laurel Halo, Nina, James K, DJ Richard, Carla Dal Forno and more. It was also a strong partner with Ableton to provide production classes for female and non-binary students. 

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