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Born and based in London Bianca Saunders continues to explore black male identity within the British culture and challenge the stereotypes of hyper-masculinity. This seasonal offering, titled ‘Gestures’, focuses on body language and mannerisms as observed in research films made by the designer. ‘Gestures’ reflects and focuses intensely on movements, physical gestures and the experience of the awkwardness of being in your own clothes.

Bianca Saunders ss19

Bianca Saunders SS19 collection 'Gestures'

Through fabric manipulation, Saunders has created ‘creases’ echoing the process of becoming comfortable with the garments one wears. The state of partial undress as a styling choice explores sex appeal, the paradox of the ‘shy confidence’ exuded and played out by the individual during their most intimate moments.

Bianca Sauders ss19

Bianca Saunders SS19 collection 'Gestures'

The fabric choices remain familiar, all part of the modern wardrobe: nylons, jersey and cotton shirting. The fits represent the feeling of intimacy. Tops, often tight around the chest, loosen up towards the tail. The pieces offer little movement, where the wearer could alter the garments. 

‘Gestures’ is an in-depth and emotional examination of the movements that come via the feeling of comfort in your own space, clothing, and the subsequent revelations of the wearer's identity illustrated through them.

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Bianca Saunders SS19 collection 'Gestures'

Bianca Saunders SS19 collection in stores soon. 

   Photography -  Sharmaarke Adan    

   Styling - IB Kamara    

   Model - Yasin Maybe    

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