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Sonarworks Releases New Mobile App To Take Headphone Mastering On The Go

Mixing and mastering on the go is now easier with Sonarworks' new app.
Sonarworks App

There has been a lot of big tech new coming out of CES this week with many of the big brands eating up the headlines. For DJs, Technics announcing their new SL-1200MK7 turntable has been huge, but there are some other announcements that are important. Sonarworks has announced a new mobile app to make mixing and mastering with your headphones as clean as possible.

In the studio, Sonarworks helps calibrate your studio monitors and your headphones to the room around you. This is incredibly useful as your change studios, equipment and setups for producing and creating on the fly.

Now with the mobile app, it is even easier to get studio quality mixing and mastering done with your headphones since you just need the app on your phone. The app supports nearly 300 headphones, the list you can see here. iOS users can expect 96kHz and higher and Android users can currently expect sample rate performance of up to 48kHz. FLAC and high sample rate playback will be continuously improved across all devices.

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Sonarworks True-Fi is now available in the App Store or Google Play for $3.99 per month or a lifetime license of $99. 

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