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We're pleased to introduce GAME6IX to our Current Vibes series, and they kick off 2019 in spectacular style. The end of last year saw the release of their wicked new remix for The Heatwave, and bring their dancehall meets jungle sound to a whole new audience. 

To hear more from the duo themselves, check out our exclusive interview below. They have also put together a Spotify playlist of the tunes they're feeling, which you can find a little further down - prepare for some heat! 

You’ve just released your remix of “Closer To Me” through Liondub – we’re digging it! Were you already fans of the original?

Definitely big fans of the original. When The Heatwave sent us the Stylo acapella, we made it a priority to work on this as we knew it was a big tune.

What were some of the most enjoyable parts of making it? What did you gain from the process, and what helps you to keep developing as an act?

Every time we get in the studio, we’re always pushing each other to learn and try new techniques. Making new sounds, experimenting, watching tutorials of how other producers make tracks sound really big. Also, we spend days and nights on end in the studio. We will be together for 4/5 days straight up every night until the sun rises the next morning. It helps us gel and allows our creativity to really flow.

Who or what influences you musically? Do you find you get inspired by lots of different genres and styles?

We are junglists at heart. You will probably hear that influence in our music. Both of us got into jungle/D&B from its reggae influence. That’s why working with Stylo and The Heatwave on this release is such a big thing for us. We spent hours listening to Post Malone’s Beerbongs And Bentleys when we were chilling out and giving our ears a rest. The trap thing came organically as we were getting into artists like LAXX, Cursor, GTA and Yellow Claw. LAXX in particular we spent quite a bit of time listening to. His music is just so next level, it really inspires you to try and make your music that much better.

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When did you first start working together? How do your styles complement each other?

The conversation started years ago, but we didn’t get into the studio together until spring of 2018. Liondub is the master engineer who works extremely quickly. Saigon is the creative director who has major influence on the vision and direction of the music. It’s worked out great because Lion is more aligned to the musical aspect of things, whereas Saigon is always looking to push the envelope and make things harder and more face melting. Eventually after some back and forth we land on a place somewhere in the middle, where we are both happy.

Would you consider yourself perfectionists?

I don’t know if I would say perfectionists. Your compositions and mixdowns can always be better. We like to vibe out and work at a decent pace when we are building a tune, but will definitely spend quite a bit of time mixing down until we are happy.

How do you want your music to make people feel?

Our main focus is to make people dance. We played a few of our tunes this year at Dreams Festival in Toronto and the crowd reaction was incredible. They were definitely in it. The Stylo thing went off. Whether it’s trap, jungle/D&B, dubstep, house, whatever - people love tracks with a big dancehall vocal in it. We want to release big dance floor hits, working with the biggest reggae/dancehall artists.

What is on the horizon for you in 2019? Any major goals you want to achieve?

2019 should be a big year for us. We have a bunch of new releases coming out on Liondub International for their 10 year anniversary. We’d love to play a few proper shows, and continue to get to work in the studio. There are a number of big time vocalists and producers we are working with as well, so look out for some more big originals and remixes!

Take a listen through GAME6IX's Current Vibes right here... 

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