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Versed and very reputable DJ's in the house, disco, and hip-hop realm, artists like The Whooligan and Joshua Lang, are taking their busy schedules hustling around the world and adding a very respectable amount of philanthropy in between. Room Service International is the name of their platform and organization they have created to blend this happy mixture.

The Whooligan, Joshua Lang, and Teisbe

(From left to right) Room Service International is comprised of The Whooligan, Joshua Lang, Teisbe, and Tiffany Huynh [not pictured]

Room Service is them giving back via their endeavors in events + club culture, travel, photography and the arts. The organization’s manifesto is simple: Live a life of service. Their aim is to be a humanitarian platform by helping to spread awareness on important issues in underserved regions all over the world and by activating community service projects that bring tangible change within these communities. 

Soundtrack this article to R.S.I.'s freshly curated January 2019 playlist representing the musical vibes and artists they support:

BROOKLYN - NYC: Catch the first Room Service International party of the year at the residency launch party for The Funky Seshwa, going down this Thursday 1/10, and forward-thinking, Greenpoint night club, Good Room. Click Here to RSVP to the facebook event.

We had the opportunity to learn more about this wonderful organization through a string of questions we asked The Whooligan below:

What inspired you to start Room Service International?

The Whooligan: I was at a point in my life, professionally and personally, where I felt I could do so much more with music, outside of the club, and connect my friends and the rest of the world on a more impactful level. It was during my first tour in India in 2016 when I realized I can use my platform to help change people's lives and do my part in helping make the world a better place. Music is such a powerful tool, and by having a genuine desire to help others and serve my global community, it was by reflecting and meditating in my hotel room in Mumbai I realized both those worlds could coexist in a beautiful way. Room Service was that epiphany and light at the end of the tunnel for me. 

TEISBE on Room Service International South East Asia Tour


What are some current projects the organization has in the works?

The Whooligan: We are building out and releasing content that we shot and produced during our recent Nov/Dec 2018 tour through Southeast Asia - via our Instagram @roomserviceintl, our website will also be launching soon. We traveled to 5 countries and 8 cities in 1 month, performed shows and activated community service initiatives in each of the cities. Educating ourselves on each of those city's respective issues and learning about how we can get involved with local humanitarian organizations was the most important part of the tour. What can we learn now and work towards fixing in the future. 

I am excited about the content we'll be sharing, further bringing awareness to these underserved regions in Southeast Asia and helping us all be a little more mindful and engaging on our travels. The goal is to scale the previous tour and use the same formula to help activate and bring about change in different communities all over the world. Room Service Sounds, myself and Joshua Lang, are releasing monthly playlists on Spotify and have some really amazing shows lined up in the next few months, beginning the year at Good Room for the Funky Seshwa residency launch party in Brooklyn on Thursday, Jan 10. We are embarking on a heavy rotation of beautiful disco and house music this year and looking forward to sharing those vibes with everyone!

Which charities and organizations have you been collaborating with, in these third world countries?

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The Whooligan: We're super grateful and appreciative of all of our collaborations with the charitable, humanitarian and creative organizations we connected with throughout Southeast Asia. Again, getting to learn more about these organizations and ways in which we can support them and their missions in the future is essential in keeping all of this moving forward for years to come. 

On the last tour we partnered and connected with De La House, Bumi Sehat, The Shelter Project and Uluwatu Surf Villas in Indonesia, Saturday Selects and Yayasan Chow Kit Krash Pad in Malaysia, See The World Group and There VND Then in Vietnam, Blaqlyte, Khlong Toey Music Program and Sri Panwa in Thailand and Project Pearls, Push To Read Project and NoKal in the Philippines. We still have projects in the works and currently building out strategy on our next steps with many of these organizations, we couldn't be more honored to work with such an amazing group of super humans. 

Room Service International South East Asia Tour, Vietnam

South East Asia Tour, Vietnam

Along your travels, have you met any inspiring local artists that you want to shout out?

The Whooligan: Plenty! De La House, based in Jakarta, has some of the most talented, young up and coming musicians and artists in Indonesia. De La House throws their own events, designs everything in house, has a radio network, restaurants, cafes, host international artists and a gang of other beautiful, creative work - one of the hardest working, most kind, thoughtful, efficient crews I've ever worked with in my career. 

Saturday Selects in Kuala Lumpur, same vibes, beautiful crew with monthly events, radio shows and fun, loving music heads. All of the resident DJ's at Skylight in Nha Trang, Vietnam are super talented and all hungry to learn more. There VND Then crew in Saigon are opening up a new club and creative incubator in the heart of the city and cultivating some amazing up and coming talent, they're about to do some game changing stuff this year. Blaqlyte and their resident DJ's are popping and have the pulse of Bangkok on lock and rock the flyest venues in Thailand. 

They are some of the best people in the world to party with and know their music. Manila breeds so much amazing talent and beautiful people, the roster of artists out there is endless. The hottest venues in Manila are NoKal, Ms. Gee and The Bowery and the DJ's that rock at these spots know how to keep the dance floor moving for hours on end & have some of the best collections of music in Southeast Asia. 

Room Service International South East Asia Tour 2019

What is on the drawing board for R.S.I.’s future?

Education. To learn more about the world we live in and ways in which we can support and be of service. More music, more shows, more photography and video, more travel and working with our beautiful creative community across the globe. We're here to help and looking forward to connecting with anyone and everyone. All love!

The men and women at Room Service were generous enough to share a string of photos from their recent South East Asia tour that went down in November/December of 2018. Be sure to follow the individual members below on Instagram for more inside looks on what R.M.I. is up too!

The Whooligan - Joshua Lang - Teisbe - Tiff Huynh 

Also, check out some of the amazing global organizations they collaborated with on their South East Asia tour:

De La House [Indonesia] - Saturday Selects [Kuala Lumpur] - There VND Then [Ho Chi Minh City - The resident DJs at BLAQ LYTE [Bangkok] and Skylight [Nha Trang]

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