Dr. Fresch and BIJOU Present the "Gangsta Party EP"

The two producers team up for this very fresh 2 track release.
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Dr. Fresch and BIJOU team up for a heavy-hitting two part release. The Gangsta Party EP has a little something for everyone, from syncopated bass stabs to deep and heavy grooves. "Kung Fu" kicks off the start of the release, featuring heavy use of a short and punchy bass line hit that sets the tone for the rest of the tune. A detuned lead slides into the background, and acts as an off setting compliment to the established groove. Above all of this is a cheeky vocal line that helps keep the energy rolling without the instrumentation getting too stale. The 4x4 kick pattern is removed during the second breakdown, and replaced with a heavy 808 pattern. This slows the tempo down while keeping the sub bass rumbling below. A classic sixteen bar build begins the transitions back into the tradition house percussion pattern as the bass line and lead hits harder than ever.

The second track on this EP is "Too Cocky." This track brings a tasteful switch-up compared to the previous tune. The low and distorted bass line sounds bring a dirtier flavor to this track. A short pattern of bass stabs keeps the core of this tune simple and effective. Syncopated against the bass line is a crisp lead synth that works its way in between the bass stabs. The two core elements create a pulsing drive to the record, and the tight and punchy percussions provide a method to all this madness. Similar to the previous record, hiphop vocals spit repetitious lyrics over the top to keep the track sounding fresh at every bar.

This EP packs a ton of energy and swagger into just two short records. If this release says anything about what BIJOU is going to offer from his new DO NOT DUPLICATE Recordings imprint, than we are excited to see what's next. Check out both songs below. 

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