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With the freshness of a new year upon us, many have been making the trek into the jungles of Tulum for a transformative celebration that combines music, art, and dance for Damian Lazarus’ visionary event, Day Zero. What originally began as a homage to the Mayan culture and the ending of the Ancient Mayan calendar in 2012, has now grown into its sixth iteration with all the musical mysticism you would expect from the legendary Lazarus who has expertly curated a profoundly spiritual production for those gathered to see some of the world’s best electronic music acts in an unforgettable atmosphere.

Laser SpectaclePhoto by Get Tiny 

Laser Spectacle
Photo by Get Tiny 

Leading the musical charge was of course Lazarus himself bringing his unique storytelling soundtrack abilities that set the tone for the whole experience. He was joined by more “can’t miss” artists, including South African house DJ Black Coffee, experimental techno master DJ Tennis, and the eclectically diverse Four Tet, amongst several cutting edge artists from the Crosstown Rebels label like Serge Devant, Satori, Lum, Metrika, and Davi.

Damian Lazarus closing out Day Zero Photo by Khris Cowley 

Damian Lazarus closing out Day Zero 
Photo by Khris Cowley 

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The environment for the festival is just as important as the music itself and the Cenote Dos Palmas jungle provided the perfect atmosphere. Inviting party-goers to explore its stunning cenote and trails as they walked between two stages, immersing themselves in the natural elements that beautifully co-existed with man-made art installations.

There is nothing as surreal as watching the myriad of lasers glow through the jungle’s canopy as you dance in an auditorium carved out by mother nature. While aerialists performed on their lyras above the audience, they breathed even more life into the event as they created another dimension, exceeding any expectation you may have walked in with. As the morning hours approached, Mayan shamans graced us with their presence performing traditional ceremonial rituals that enhanced and rejuvenated the positive energy as guests danced past sunrise.

Ceremony at Day ZeroPhoto Cred: Khris Cowley

Ceremony at Day Zero
Photo Cred: Khris Cowley

The city of Tulum hosts a number of music events and parties the entire month of January in collaboration with the Sound Tulum festival but none quite so uniquely enticing as Day Zero. Travelers who made the journey to Day Zero were treated to a magical, multisensory experience, which is visibly amplified by its naturally captivating surroundings. The only downfall being, once is not enough. The experience must be had again.

For those who desire to go in 2020, keep in mind that tickets typically go on sale around September and have sold out for the past few years. Think ahead, plan safely, keep your wits about, and be prepared as you would for any international travel or music festival. Safe Travels and hope to see you there.

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