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Exclusive: Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito Reflect On 10 Years Of Fuse London

The two DJs and party starters reflect on their crazy past ten years of putting on some of the best parties in London and around Europe.
Seb Zito

Seb Zito

The FUSE brand has grown into one of the best parties in London over the past 10 years. They are celebrating 10 years of parties this year and are taking the fun on the road to the US in the next few weeks for club showcases in hotspots like Miami, New York, Chicago and LA. FUSE residents Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito and Archie Hamilton are coming stateside. In honor of them crossing the Atlantic and into the cold, we had Zito and Siragusa interview each other to reflect on the past 10 years of FUSE and share memories of their favorite back to backs.

Enzo Siragusa interviews Seb Zito

Enzo: Let’s start with how we met, I think it was around 2006 at The End, you came to see me play. Do you remember it well?

Seb: Yes, I do remember it well. I didn’t know you were going to be playing, despite a few people telling me that I needed to go check you out.

I was there because I was always at the Jaded parties, especially when they moved to The End. You were doing the downstairs, I think the party was called Electric Sex (correct me if I’m wrong). I was there to hear a certain sound, and you were the one playing it! I didn’t meet you properly until a few months after and we went to that dodgy after party by the River Thames you were playing, do you remember that?! From there we started hanging out and you offered me a set at your Circuit party you were running at the time without even hearing me DJ. Just off the back of hanging out and talking about music. I guess we connected so much because we were both on the same frequency.

When we started FUSE in 2008, the minimal scene in London had been kicking off for a while. What parties stood out to you before FUSE? Any that were particularly influential?

For me Secretsundaze was one of the most influential parties at that time, when they had their summer parties on the roof of Canvas in London. Giles Smith (Secretsundaze founder) as a resident was very inspiring. He introduced me to DJs like Pedro, Cassy, Tobias a lot of artists I went on to follow and buy music of.

Jaded was also a big one for me when it was at The Egg and The End. That was my introduction to the after-party scene.

Why do you think FUSE has stood the test of time?

I think there have been many factors. First and foremost, it is because of our music policy, and we never compromise on this. The music has always been the priority driving force behind everything. Secondly, the residents. Having the five of us play so regularly and be at the center of it allowed us to get to know our crowd so well and form such tight bonds with each other. You know what the crowd wants, and the crowd goes there for exactly that. They can feel that energy between us all. Also, which to me is one of the most important factors, was implementing a tighter door policy in the early days when we were a weekly party. This helped protect our vibe.

It’s always a pleasure to play with you, and we have played so many amazing b2bs. Any spring to mind that have stood out over the years?

It has to be that Cocoon afters at Mint Warehouse in Leeds. I think it was 2014? It was one of those sets that just got better and better and better. There was no fault in it -- we were in perfect synergy!

You’re the garage head of our crew. Tell me a couple of rare tracks you have in your collection that I might not know about.

The RA Project- Untitled

Dem 2- I Got You

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Gass - Dark

Seb interviews Enzo

Enzo Siragusa

Enzo Siragusa

Seb: So going back to your first question. At that point as a DJ in around 2006 when we met, did you ever envision what you have achieved today? Did you know you were going to create something like FUSE?

Enzo: I knew something was going to happen because I was passionate, and it was always on my mind to build something special, but at that moment in time a party like FUSE wasn’t what I was expecting no. Back then we were focused on making Circuit (FUSE’s predecessor and the after party for Circuit) the big party. FUSE was built very organically, and it started to overtake Circuit in popularity. As I met more people on the same vibe, people like yourself and the rest of the crew, it really started to become a community and each week you could see something very special was happening there. Now, seeing how far we have come in London, the residencies in Ibiza and parts of Europe, and about to host FUSE at the Space Terrace Miami. It is definitely beyond my wildest dreams!

Outside of the DnB and Jungle scene of the 90s, which I know has been hugely instrumental to the inspiration of FUSE. Any other parties that inspired you?

It’s no secret that I was massively inspired by Ibiza. I was a big raver. I vividly remember an Amnesia closing party in the late 90s absolutely blowing my mind. Manumission, Space afters on Sunday’s, DC-10 on Monday’s. Ibiza was a real turning point and these were all very inspiring parties. I was really into London’s House scene too. I used to go to Gas Club, Gardening Club and Bar Rumba for Garage City, which were a little more underground. I would also go to the more mainstream big clubs at the time.

It’s no secret that you’re a sound fanatic! You work hard to get the system just right for our residency at Village Underground. Are there any other current clubs in the world that you have been to as a raver, or played at where the system has blown you away?

There are lots of great systems out there. I’ve been blown away at Fabric. Mint Club in Leeds, I love the sound there, it’s a pleasure to play. Robert Johnson also needs a mention. I loved the sound at The End in London too. The most standout system has to go to Berghain though. It is immense.

I’d love to know which b2b between us was stand out to you too…..

Our b2bs at FUSE at 93 Feet East, which I actually found some recordings from around 2011 the other day! And I have to mention the Cocoon after party you highlighted. It was absolutely one of the best. You couldn’t fault any record that we selected and the mixing was flawless, considering it was an after party!

A tough one, but if you could only listen to one jungle track for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Apollo Two - Atlantis (I Need You) (L.T.J. Bukem Remix)

The pair are heading out on tour across the United States next month for the FUSE10 tour. See the dates below and get details on tickets via their Facebook page

2/8: Brooklyn, NY @ 99 Scott
2/9: Miami, FL @ Club Space
2/15: Chicago, IL @ Spybar
2/16: Los Angeles, CA @ 1720 

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